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University park albany ca Videos

"Incidental Suite", Claude T. Smith. Albany State University Symphonic Band.

Albany State University Department of Fine Arts presents the Albany State University Symphonic Band, performing at the Georgia Music Educators Association ...

Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye - 9/01/95 - Albany

"Say Goodbye" performed by the Dave Matthews band at The University at Albany, Albany, NY. Great version from 1995.

User Comments

Carter is the main reason I still listen to this band. Don't get me wrong, they are a great band! He is just the stand out for me, a true unique voice in a world of many great drummers. For me a good drummer has to be technical plus sound like he is just dancing with the drums.
I am 18 years old. I was two when this was recorded. To think that Dave has been creating and playing music that people love for my entire life absolutely boggles my mind. You are a true shining star in our dim world Dave, thank you.
closure. it's finally time to really say goodbye. this song helped to rekindle an old relationship 11 yrs ago. now it's over again. amazing, the power of music. i guess this song will help bring things to a close. kinda sad.
No prob - Stouggies has #41 from this show up on YT already - just search DMB #41 police. If there's a problem w/ the quality on that I could reup it - but it's got 40,000+ views and good discussion on it.
my favorite dave song, by far.... this comment is for carter... arguably the best drummer of all time. no one has riffs like him. ginger baker... john bonham... he is certainly in good company.
i can try. i mean i'm not that good. well i don't think i am THAT good. but still tho. it's worth. i think.
@whobludaphot lol ikr? wtf does he say in half his songs anyway!?? anyway i love them al the same
I love the old DMB backgrounds, the huge Firedancer, the elephants... this was a great show!
remember the days when dave would just jam trey john and dave always help your friends
Wish the next song (#41 / 41 Police) was at this high quality video too. Thanks Jay ;)
yeah, im pretty much in love with this girl who introduced this song to me...what if?
@sweetxrapunzel I KNOW! IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! You dont even know! How amazing!!
fag..stop trying to pick up chicks on youtube, just listen to daves amazing music!!
@zandermorr , Carter Beauford.. top . dá ve ele em destaque /watch?v=XwAnCvoapfg
One of Dave's best songs!! Every guy can apply this song to a relationship! LOL
26 seconds dave starts dancing=) hhaha daves dancing is the best!
This was the day I was born :') Fucking love this song man.
best say goodbye i ever heard was with John Popper on harp
wow, you're a dumbass! go get a sence of humour!
Dave is alot better now at making words up...lol
stoners?, yea thats the real american public...
@deepsky23 I can sing it! I can sing it!!! :D
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