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SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK (Calgary) - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theatre Calgary and Mount Royal University present Shakespeare in the Park's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. The play takes place in Calgary's Prince's ...

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2016 Peregrine Falcons at University of Calgary

Calgary Bow River Raft

Things to do in Calgary brought to you by Calgary Market Update - your local RE/MAX experts. Miki 403-700-2244 Raft Rental: University of Calgary Outdoor ...

Centro Motel | Calgary hotels | Calgary Travel

//www.travelhawk.net: Visit and save up to 80% today. "Recommended as the Top Choice for Accommodation in Calgary by Lonely Planet" Centro Motel is ...

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I cannot believe I finally found the best video on YouTube!
It never ceases to amaze with your videos, keep it up!
I liked your vid alot kepp up the good work!!!!!!
I will check out your other videos!
I cant believe this isnt butter
this is your best video yet!
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I love videos like this
Perfect job.
i subbed :D

Hail storm destroys roof on University of Calgary greenhouse (original video)

From my office window, I was able to see the windows on a greenhouse get broken by the falling hail. Damage was estimated at $100000 according to CBC and ...

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Chemtrails and HAARP blankets make ungodly disasters more deadly than ever. Drowning in a sea of patented, invisible scalar waves. Positive ions scatter Mother nature's critical survival frequencies, shrivel our harvests and shatter our immunity. GMO seed will be all that survives this devil's cocktail of aluminium, barium and god knows what else. Do you remember that weird snowfall in early August that hit SW Calgary a few summers back? Didn't think much of it then, but I sure do now.
I remember when I was a kid in Grande Prairie me and my dad were in a car when it started hailing marble sized chunks...it was so loud in the car we couldn't hear each other though we were screaming at the top of our lungs. It lasted about 5-10 minutes, and when we looked at the car there was lots of little dents and chips in the paint. It was pretty freaking cool.
Hey, k420w, EISCAT = EURO-Russian Woodpecker/HAARP/ caused 12 years of California drought. Weather control patents can do anything, re-route the jetstream to cause floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis - you name it, bought and paid for with our money.
Presumably the roof was replaced with stronger, possibly laminated glass - the next hailstorm will not be able to punch out nearly 100% of the panes in just seconds, as happened this time. Nature in the raw is seldom mild.
@RaymondLau123 its not fake, that guy used a digital camera/ or camcorder to videotape it, hailstones r powerful to destroy weak glass so if u think its fake its not. but if a person videotapes a ufo than thats fake
@Altairis0 Sorry, I wasn't "pushing" any race in particular, except the obvious race for global extinction, by those who keep us un poverty, and cause an endless stream of political excuses, and weather war misery.
This greenhouse was about 40 years old and the glass wasn't tempered so they couldn't do anything about the hail so now 100 grant is going to have to go into replacing the plants and getting stronger glass!
@dallimamma I think those lights are what some call "lightning" - they say its not uncommon near such weather phenomenon. ;-) JK - HAARP is an incredible machine but Calgary hail wouldn't be a project.
I remember we had to pull over somewhere because we couldn't see shit; we were driving home from CrossIron Mills. I swear, the north always has the worst weather. The hail was the size of marbles..
@TheInnerScoop ummmmmmmmmmmm maybe its because the roof is made of G L A S S. and what does the other comment mean? you arent implying that green houses pollute the earth i hope...............
@kimhalim the same one that decided that they should creat something called a Greenhouse to put plants, flowers, and other natural things in...... they need the Sunlight hence the Glass Roof
Derek, guys, this is NOT WEATHER!!! It is a patented event now, bought and paid for. Look at the weird lights in the sky. Look on here for HAARP and its path of carefully timed destruction.
at 1:32 you can see a bird fly by near the center of the screen. I wonder firstly, what it thought it was doing, and secondly, if it didn't get pelted to death by the giant hail ...
@VonLincoln1 Yeah, but on the downside, those plants were being used for research and the experiments are contaminated now. Also, the plants are covered in bits of broken glass.
Wow, I love how you show the whole thing again at fast speed at the end. it looks like almost every window got broken. Thanks for making this interesting video.

(RARE) Horizon Air "University of Montana Plane" Landing in Calgary

Hey everyone, this is a Horizon Air Bombardier Dash 8-400 landing at Calgary International Airport. This plane has a "University of Montana" livery on it. I hope ...

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Very nice catch, dude! I luv seeing special liveries, especially on Horizon Q400s! Liked! :)
Awesome!! I saw this exact plane abort its takeoff in palm springs!
Thanks so much man! Very cool!
Nice livery and filming!
Thanks for your comment!
Thank you very much :D
Thanks man! I do too!
Thank you so much :D
Thanks! It sure is!
Nice plane..!

Mayor's Urban Design Awards 2015: Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans

This category is for an urban design plan that has already been approved and where physical changes have started to occur. In 2015, the winner is the Large ...
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