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Recovery room equipment Videos

*NEW* Infected Recovery Wallbreach/Hiding Spot Glitch! - NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED (CoD AW)

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User Comments

Hey llama where are the compound glitch video?
+Sandro Altalaguerri That map is air-tight in terms of glitches :/
I like you're intro song what is it @TheLlamaSir
+sohn david its in the description
old gen?
The spot u were shooting at inside the wallbreach there's a way to get there on 360
+Tyler Belt I know, it's surprising they haven't patched that yet lol.
I know a glich what no one knows about if want to know it add me on Xbox 360 WtB8 and can I get a shout out
+William bailey ill add you but i need to buy a new aw
Just wanted to let you know that this glitch is a bout 5months old
I know, I uploaded this in December but not a lot of people trip loaded it
Nice video love y'all
There is only one guy... Hahahahaha

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