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Recovery room hypertension Videos

Retinal detachment in a hypertensive cat (hypertensive chorioretinopathy)

This cat had renal failure, and responded well to treatment for hypertension; after a few days his retina started to reattach and he gradually regained vision.

Juliette Fickling Stroke Recovery Video Journal: Day 1

TO DONATE GO TO WWW.JULIETTEFICKLING.COM THANK YOU ! ​Creative Director, Make-up Artist, Producer, Singer, Proud Mother of Dominique Andriese.

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i am 44 years old. i was in a coma for 3 days and i had a massive stroke about 1 year ago. it was GOD not doctors who took me out of a coma. i thank GOD for giving me another chance to receive salvation and repent from my sins. before i had a stroke, i would put worldly things first in my life. GOD by his mercy and grace, made corrections in my life. i would rather be cripple and enter into the kingdom of GOD than to have a 100 percent physically healthy body but i must live in hell forever
black God bless you God woke me up I was in my sleep, Amen!!!!
lizzo thanks

Improv -High Blood Pressure

Bedside Manners A Short Comedy Sketch

Special Populations - High Blood Pressure

Part 2 high blood pressure

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