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Recovery room warren Videos

Mdott Live!!!! 12/23/2012 Warren, MI

Sweet Child of Mine

Inspirational Message for Recovering Addicts

This is my brother, Kevin, at an AA meeting to celebrate his being three years sober. This is his message to the room after his family and friends "shared" about ...

User Comments

Thank's for sharing this, it was so inspiring , keep going Kevin.
Thanks and fuck who ever didnt like this.
Needed to hear this today. Thank you

Current Alcoholism Research - Al-Anon Interview with Dr. Kenneth Warren

In this "First Steps to Al-Anon Recovery" podcast, you will hear an interview with Dr. Kenneth Warren, Acting Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse ...

Dr. Warren Jestin @ CRELA Event Jan 19, 2015

Dr. Warren Jestin, Chief Economist BNS spoke at the CRELA event that was hosted by Amar Nijjar and Chad Gemmell at JLL Boardrooms. The event was well ...
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