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Evergreen state college animation Videos

Seagull Flight Animation

Here is a hand-drawn animation I made for my class at the Evergreen State College.

Naughty Bear Animation Lip Sync

This was done as a part of a lip sync After Effects/Flash animation workshop at The Evergreen State College in the Nonfiction Media 2013-2014 program.

Animated Light

Flashlight Animation @ Evergreen State College.

User Comments

wow!! how many hours did this take you? did you go all the way straight through? sorry for all of the questions ahah. i just recently learned how to do this on my dslr and i never considered taking this many shots for an animation until seeing your video w/ the sprint commercial and others :P
What kind of lights did you used? I just uploaded a video where we were useing glowsticks and a penlight (it was short noticed and really rushed) but it turned out alright. You should check it out... but yea, your lightds are really defined.
Pretty neat work. I think the strongest parts are definitely the light abstractions as opposed to light characters. The abstractions move much better. I wish there would have been more!
thats very original is this done with a long exposure time on your camera? and waving your lights in the correct shape? and litterally taking thousands of photos?
"A Bajcsy Zsilinszky út következik, kérjük a vágány mellett vigyázzanak". Why is it under the music? It's the hungarian subway warning :O.
DUDE! That pong game at the end is SICK! I just made my own Light Stop animation.. Please check it out and let me know what you think!
nice work! check out my inexpensive motion control solution... I think it would be very cool to combine the two!
This is really cool how did you manage to take so many photos under so little time? what camera did you use?
omg. i would love to use this for my music video i want to upload. all credit will go to you guys though
Ezt hosszú záridővel csinálták fényképező géppel:) és utána összeillesztették őket sorba
i like it! really good job, i like the most the outside momments... invite u guys to see my chanel!
awesome! I'd love to do this sort of thing but i don't know how. Does it take for ever to make?
@Dresdevious I make these kind of vids too.. If you wanna collaborate hit me up on my channel!
Hungaryan metro is cool! The first in Europe!!! Thats a very good video. Abel From Hungary.
@nlarrabee01 What software did you use to edit all of them together? Thanks.
what exposure / aperture have you got it set at? please reply- Thank you!!!
how is this done?! anyone one wanna give me a brief quick way how to do it?
lol, how long did it take you to take all of the pics for this film?
Thanks!! If I remember right, it took somewhere around 2,500 frames.
thats really cool one of the better light painting videos iv seen

Animation Design Experiment- Please watch in HD

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What's That Sound? VMS Animation 2016

Pendulum Motion Animation Fall 2012

From Trajectories in Animation Mathematics and Physics, Fall Quarter of 2012 at The Evergreen State College.
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