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Autism awareness angels Videos

Army of Autism Awareness Angels 1st ever autism rap song!! by Greg Milk

You can download on itunes today - //goo.gl/4w3Cz.

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I am a child of Agent Orange, I have Aspergers and I passed a mutated gene onto my son and he has autism... As well as other special needs. Thank you
I dont know how I never saw this!! AWESOME! My son is on the spectrum.
I have autism. And this song is inpireing
THANK YOU! From a Proud Autism parent!
i am autistic and i wrote my own rap
This is a cool song! Love that.
I am autistic and i love this
I'm autistic and #lovethis
Thanks!! pretty cool.
This is AWESOME!!!

Army of Autism Awareness Angels - Autism support officers

PLEASE take 5 minutes to watch our clip and make sure you click like on it. Having an Autism support officer in each school will benefit every child, even ...

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My son has come through the SA school system and due to us biting the bullet and putting him into the Catholic system and paying the larger school fees, he has come through his schooling quite well. But looking at what happens in the schools around us and what is happening even in the Catholic system now, I worry for the future of our kids. Schools receive disability funding for each child they have with disabilities, I don't believe that schools are using this money in the way its intended.
I dont agree with the "special school not suiting ASD students" Theres a massive variation in ASD kid's educational requirements. What works depends on the individual. The problems we see. 1. Low numbers of special school places making it very difficult to actually get in even if you qualify. having autism doesnt get you in, its needs based 2. Not enough funding for SSO time 3. ASD units exist in adelaide but take only very small numbers of children. This came from the last state election.
My 7yr old son is in this video. He struggles with school everyday. He is an intelligent child and loves maths. He struggles with his surroundings like other students noise, touch and smell. He is in a mainstream private school and receives little to no support. A support officer would allow him to reach his full potential. How sad it is that he is not given the chance to become the person he can me because his sensory needs are not understood.
My 12 year old daughter is in a "Special School', which is not ideal, as she doesn't have exposure to 'normal' kid behaviour. We had no acceptable options as the Government keeps ignoring the Autism Epidemic. I want my daughter in a mainstream school, and she would benefit greatly, but it can only happen with Autism support officers in the schools. Thank you Autism Angels for your dedication in making others "Autism Aware".
My 12 year old daughter is in a "Special School', which is not ideal, as she doesn't have exposure to 'normal' kid behaviour. We had no acceptable options as the Government keeps ignoring the Autism Epidemic. I want my daughter in a mainstream school, and she would benefit greatly, but it can only happen with Autism support officers in the schools. Thank you Autism Angels for your dedication in making others "Autism Aware".
My sons public primary school failed us miserably. was a a devastating time for us.. we were very lucky that we found the perfect school for us, that happened to be private. so we put ourselves under the financial pressure to make sure he had an understanding and safe environment to learn in. an Autism support officer would have been magical, and a lot more useful than an SSO who has no clue
This is needed Australia wide. Too many schools don't have anything unless there is a principal that is already aware and proactive. Unfortunately they are few and far between. Teachers have so much they are required to achieve that even ifthey wanted to, they have precious little time to "educate" themselves on autism. I fully support this concept having a daughter in mainstream school.
@kjdj3j That is so sad and totally unacceptable. I can only imagine the trauma he has had to deal with. It angers me to the point that I become irrational when I hear stories like this. Politicians, and in particular the Minister fir education Jay Weatherill need to realise though that these are not "stories" but real lives, real emotions and real needs. My prayers are with you xxx
I love this idea !!!! I have 2 children with ASD 1 is currently in a mainstream school and i have contact with his teacher every single day so if there is any issue i can sort it straight away my other child is about to start kindy in janurary which is very scary as he has it worse than my other child so hopefully we can get this great idea into our schools asap
I just don't understand how the South Australian Government can spend billions of dollars on 2 Pandas that no one goes and sees, when they could of built an amazing ASD school for that money and helped THOUSANDS of ASD children and their famlies! Stop wasting money South Australia on things that are WANTS not NEEDS!!!
@fiorachristou Minister Jay Weathill is the same minister that raised state funding to reduce AutismSA 2 year wait for diagnosis back in 2006 to what it is now. He has also been recently visiting special needs schools speaking with principals/governing councils and students (not just in Adelaide either)
Keep the comments coming great to hear all of your points of view!! And SHARE SHARE SHARE x Im glad you all like it!!! I PROMISE it is my mission to help change things for all your families and mine x
Are you kidding me? Autism support allows potential predators to attack those designated as autistic! I know because i'm a former victim.
All of our kids deserve the dignity of support, education, love and care... speak to your MPS... make DEET accountable!
@Harleycoop1 I hope my fight will make things a little easier for Luka - I will be watching out for him....
They spend too much money on the army anyway.
I'm in there 
I'm at 1:47 

Army of Autism Awareness Angels World Autism Awareness Day Flash Mob amateur!

UNCUT and UNEDITED!!! Pretty awesome.

Army of Autism Awareness Angels- a typical day!

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Completely understand what you are going through and you are 100% correct, consistency and routine mean everything. Well done and keep smiling. PS. Do you mind if I share this video on Facebook amongst the Aspergers Support Group I'm involved in? :-)
Thanks for posting that. It must have been extremely hard to do, but had the same situation from a 11 year old, who reacts exactly the same as your boy in similar circumstances. This what people need to see, need to understand.

Army of Autism Awareness Angels hit the streets of Adelaide interviewing the public.

We set out to find out HOW AUTISM AWARE is Adelaide? There are way too many people that don't know what autism is. I will note: We did come across lots of ...

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I dont have a problem with the way these girls make people aware of autisum, i think at least they are doing it! Most autistic dont think about what they are ment to look like or that one person is more sexy than others? that is not what metters to them, their own intrests are all that matters i know this cos my son has a form of autisum so all you self obsesed people who worry that these girls look better than you get over it cos at least they are making sure people know about autisum.
Autism groups can no longer draw attention by holding money collection tins at shopping centres, it's not working and never will this day in age. There are going to be people out there that dont like that way we're raising awareness but unforunately you can't please everyone. There are hundreds of Autisic and Aspergers kids wanting to meet the Angels and it brings so much joy to their faces. Why cant people just be grateful.
Big thanks , you are doing a great job and fun is always good for any age or part-of-the-spectrum... Knowing facts helps all humans make decisions, and facts gained from experience I do tend to trust... Being ASD I really don't look at the messenger in any terms other than emotional and empathetic ways, money isn't any ... If there's a smile and some kind of fun, I'll listen and learn.. A brilliant group, thank you... NEAL
The idea is only to raise awareness, we spend multipule hours behing the scenes at camps with Autistic children, me and my wife who is the founder of the Angels also share an Autistic son and Brooke works with Autisic and disabled kids every day. There has been more in the media the last year since the Angels started then in the last 10 years.
I think it's great that you creating awareness for Autism, But maybe your sending the wrong message, Autism isn't about fake tan's fake boobs & skinny women. Why not get a group of Autistic/Apsergers kids or adults & show the world what Autism REALLY is, The beauty of autism is in the people that have it, Not in a tight red shirt or bikini.
barr0254... I would like you to know that 2 of these girls in this video have a child with Autism, one of them happens to be my wife and yes....our son has Autism.
thankyou, my older 14 yearold sister has autism and i learn about it and study it
I have to Steve mc vicar and son to I from vic I 44 and son. 13 ph 54 241132
I definitely know what Autism is. I've got it and my bro has aspergers.

Army of Autism Awareness Angels - Greyhound Races Adelaide

1 in 160 Australians have autism spectrum disorder. Autism is an invisible Disability Its not an illness it's a developmental disorder It can range from mild to ...

Army of Autism Awareness Angels & Unleash Solar 'I'm Autism Aware' Competition.wmv

This is a competition to help raise much needed autism awareness. Here are some of the entries and the winning entries. They are all winners in our eyes, but ...

Army of Autism Awareness Angels - To all the young people that don't give an EFFF about politics!

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