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Autism awareness day uk Videos

World Autism Awareness Day 2nd April 2012

Today (2nd of April) is World Autism Awareness Day and I felt it needed to be known The music is "Sovereign" made by Kevin McLeod from Incompetech.com ...

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Hey Barry, I LOVE this video. I am a child career and I look after a young child with Autism. He is with out a doubt one of the kindest and most wonderful little boy I have ever met. Being in my job for almost a year now, I understand more about autism every day & I know it isn't a disadvantage at all. I just hope that by being there for him his life will be better than it already is. What I am basically trying to say is I stand up for it and everyone with Autism should be proud of themselves xx
For a best web site on autism- causes & cures: fourteenstudies. org/index.html Site reviews studies that contend vax do not cause autism. Those studies R ALL rife with conflicts of interest- authors with chutzpah to be on Big Pharmakeia's payroll while pretending to be watch dog protecting people's interests! Also studies that support that vax do cause autism & other disorders. In searching 4 truth in conspiracies- follow the $- ask who profits? Bottom line- NO vax EVER safe or effective!
hey man i have aspergers and ive been there b4 it sucks just remember ppl pick on any person they c as different and u gotta stand up 4 urself ik its hard trust me i went thru it for 5 years and all those years i let things get 2 me a lot but i took a class and i learned 2 stand up 4 myself and since then ive been a lot better at skool ill b starting my last year of hs and hopefully it continues 2 go good
Hey hey listen you're just as good as anyone else buddy! I have autism. If someone has an issue with you just because you have a condition that's their problem. They probably have issues with plenty of other people who just aren't the same as them. And who's problem is that? It's theirs, not yours or anyone elses. They're the ones that will have to bear the consequences in the long run. You take care ok.
i stand for autism as well, great video and i hope this video is able to become viral to further send out the message to those affected by this. thank you barry, and i know one of the folks in this video as well, that is my girlfriend, "jinger" or as she goes by on youtube, jennor81.
Reckon Autism is more than 1 in a 100 - especially in younger boys. Probably 10s of 1000s more people out there who have yet to be diagnosed. And as it's a growing thing, due to better awareness and more people coming forward - give it another 20 years - figures may well be double!!
I am so sorry Barry I was unable to give you a video Barry, but I did in box allot of people I know and I also told my students/ peers on what Autism is as well as way it is important to be aware of it, I hope this helps. Kind regards, Your friend Peter AKA ShadowlostArts.
@BarryAldridge As a young woman who has moderate Aspberger's syndrome (autistic spectrum) I understand your plight. Just because I have AS doesn't mean I don't have feelings or friends. I wish more people were aware. Thanks for taking a stand. :)
Barry, this is really well put together. I thought the initial idea was cool, but never thought it would turn out this well-edited or with such a good finish. Kudos for a great video for a great cause. Thanks for including my clip, too.
Heartwarming, very informative. My lesson of the day. I know a few of my friends who have Autistic children and I never really never understood the condition. Thank you Barry, you gave me a new view on Autism. I stand up with you.
Im proud of having such a great friend as you Barry making this video. I wish I stand up for this more than I do as I once did. But Im not so brave as these great people nowadays. Thanks for sharing this, like and favourite!
its not a class that any1 can just take my coordinator made up the class for me and a few kids but im sure if u talk 2 ur case manager or autism coordinator they might set up a class like that 4 u
You're a lovely guy Barry. I stand up for autism :) because I got few of my mates who have autism. They are great people to know. I got to say I can't wait for the gathering :)
Amazing Barry, especially as quite a few of my friends were in this. You truly are an inspiration and never forget that 3 can't wait to see you again x
Thats true dude defintely for me its like either going out to places or watching my favourite comedy. To me drugs aint for me. Thanks for watching.
It's ok Ed to be late, better late than never. Thank you and I remember your clip from last year and loved it. Take care.
Autistic is just Artistic spelt by a dyslexic. I stand up for all three. Am standing now. Well done Barry. Good video!

WAAD World Autism Day & Autism Radio UK 2ND April 2011

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A massive well done all of you!!! That was just amazing, and a full ray of the spectrum colours x
Fantastic :)

World Autism Awareness Day 2010

Today on the 2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day It is something that is really important to me. World Autism Awareness Day ...

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Hi, Barry! ;) Great video. Just thought I'd let you know about a pretty awesome thing that's going on in the lost-community (yup, the community surrounding the show that melts your brain). It's a 30-hour podcast held by a couple of podcasters named Jay and Jack, and this year I think they earned about 22 000 dollars for Autism Speaks. Just thought I'd let you know ;) I think it's a great cause!
@vlogbrothers John you were a big inspiration for me making this video. I will say when I heard you say you touched by my P4A video from 2008 during last year's one I left my laptop, went down to the bathroom and cried for 5 minutes. You and Hank are a very big inspiration for me to make videos. You are Internet legends to me.
I'm glad people are becoming more aware about Autism especially since the number of children who are developing it has increased over the years. Either that or medical technology has gotten better to point out that its always been an issue that people need to know about.
@BarryAldridge Well I would suggest you do some independent research and dont just rely on what ur NLP teachers are telling you! There are many studies out there that clearly prove the mercury in vaccines is a nero-toxin that kills living brain cells. Peace!
@HumanSayNo Can you send me a private message with a link to these studies you found and I will look into them. I want to see some proof and then I will send you a message back saying I have read them and give you my views.
Wonderful video Barry! I think a lot of people tend to forget that adults have autism too. I often wonder what will happen to the autistic kids I work with, so it's great to see someone as successful as you. -Jess
Awesome to see you raising awareness about World Autism Day, my best friend works in a school for Autistic children and is really really passionate about the issue too.
hey barry great to see you standing up for autism sorry i didn't post myself doing, i completely forgot about the day itself (FAIL) but well done glad for you :-)
i have autism and i think more people should take the time to try and see the world . the way we see it. because then maybe they would understand
You know, I'm autistic and yet unaware of this day and bill! Some clued up member I am! Congratz on being an upstanding autistic brotherin. ;D
@BarryAldridge *stands up besides you* Great video Barry and thanks for talking about this more so that it's out in the open!
What a lovely video Barry! A fantastic way to spread the message. I'm glad there is a specific awareness day.
What's up Barry. I was actually born w/ Autism for some reason. BTW Check out my you tube channel OK?
@shakes1327 Thats brillant you worked with Autistic kids Jess. Thanks for watching.
I'll stand up for autism too. Great cause, Barry and well put across in the video.
You are so brave to talk about your Autism and spread awareness. Great video!
@liliesarelike Thanks for watching Lindsay and putting out a tweet about it.

Autism Awareness - Hope GB

Spreading the word about World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd 2015), Hope GB and Crownbridge School teamed up to perform a brilliant flash mob in ...

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So that's the dance and why wasn't I invited because my mum is on there

World Autism Awareness Day 2009

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