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Autism emotional awareness Videos

Levels of autism | Levels of autism in different countries |Levels of emotional awareness and autism

Levels of autism Video link: https://youtu.be/PJchm7uQsUo Extremely high levels of nervousness are often an aspect of autism. During early treatment, the ...

Connecting With My Emotions: World Autism Awareness Week Series

In this video for world autism awareness week 2016 I talk about connecting with my emotions. I have always had emotions, but they have been very mild in how I ...

The Autism Effect

This video is about individuals with autism and why we need to listen to them. We also need to focus on their strengths, interests, and soft skill supports that ...

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jackie this video is very well put together and very educational in showing people with struggles that they have options to further themselves in a job or education. My son had done the Marquette Index himself and we were suprized to find out the information we did. Like him being shy but having strong emotions ties to the community and being aware of others and how they feel. It showed where he needs to work harder and where he is strongest at. I would suggest anyone to invest time in your services because it makes a great deal of difference in knowing where a individual needs assistance and where the individual is strongest at.
This video is about individuals with autism and why they need us to focus on their strengths, interests, and soft skill supports.
Most excellent and informative. 

Neurofeeebck 6 - Neurofeedback and the autism

Neurofeedback treatment to autism plays an important role helping children to dramatically improve their emotional regulation as well as their physical ...

I am the Master of My Emotions

Join Dr. Andy Bondy, co-developer of the Picture Exchange Communication System® (PECS®) and co-founder of Pyramid Educational Consultants, as he ...

Mate Crime & ASD Autism Asperger's Part 2

Mate Crime & ASD Autism Asperger's. Biggest Culprit is “ Mate Crime” first I'm hearing of this and I'm a victim of this , so that just shows the lack of awareness.

Normal Folk Autism Awareness

A 70-year old woman's world turns upside down when her estranged mentally retarded daughter reenters her life: a life that has omitted her own history of ...

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So long as it's not funding DAN!, CAN, or Autism Speaks, I think awareness is still a good thing. We need awareness here so our kids can get Speech and play based therapies.
actually he isn't. And this video is offensive. We are not a puzzle and we should not be defined and objectified by this symbolism. It has dangerous ramifications.
Not even with the label dangling around my neck would anyone mistake me for "normal folk". So, the promotion offends me, personally, from the get go.
I agree the puzzle piece should be changed, but that kinda isn't the point. Graham has done a lot of good things for autism.
Yay!! Love to see people doing good things for autism. Graham you rock :)
Thank you for that heartening comment. Means a lot to me coming from you.
the more the merrier :)
he's cool isnt he!
He is indeed.

SHS Autism Awareness 2016

This video is about Autism Awareness 2016.

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Music by: Michal Lupa
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