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Autism awareness stuff Videos

Autism Awareness Day Video

This is not an OG-Apex Productions. This video isn't funny, and it means a lot to me. Just wanted to say some stuff about this holiday.

Dave from MoneySuperMarket Stands Out for Autism with his epic strut!

We had a special visitor who decided to lend his prowess and exuberance to our World Autism Awareness Week launch! When Dave from MoneySuperMarket ...

User Comments

We all know what this is truly about, Trying to feminise men and confuse them about their gender.
+Lumia x OK well show me your evidence please of how this is "harming" people please show me hard scientific evidence. And on the LGBT agenda how is this "harming" people on a daily evidence again show me hard scientific evidence so that you sound a little bit rationale in your viewpoints.
+Cats1357911 Its doing harm to most people, the LGBT agenda is doing harm on a daily basis.
+Lumia x your wrong this advert tackles gender stereotypes and the perceived role of how a man should act. Whilst I would not do it he likes doing it and yeah he should be able to express himself how he wants. He is doing no one any harm in being like that surely?

TELESCOPIC (Serengeti Poodles - for Autism Awareness Month)

DOWNLOAD THIS SONG! At: https://soundcloud.com/serengeti-poodles/telescopic Here is the link for my first feature of Autism Awareness Month -- a music ...
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