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Asthma medication doesn't work Videos

Asthma colds 3 What to do when the medication doesn't work

Inhalers don't always work particularly for people whose asthma is triggered by colds. Things to take when you have a cold to prevent an attack.

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I'm one of the many people in the world that have asthma, but what is a good way of dealing with it? Here's how I do it without medications or an inhaler. Keep in ...

Asthmanefrin And The EZ Breath Atomizer DOESN'T WORK - POOR PRODUCT!! EZ Breathe Atomizer

This will not be interesting to anyone that does not have breathing problems or know someone that does. Asthmanefrin And The EZ Breath Atomizer Operating ...

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i finally ran out of pmist and was forced into a walmart aswell for this cumbersome product and I dont like it at all! it is not epinephrin it is racepinephrin which i heard is the worst bronchiodilator available im getting really jittery pounding heartbeat from this nebulizer and want a better alternative i feel this product is in no way a replacement 4pmist n question the safety of this new medicine is anyone else feeling weird effects from this treatment option and is there any other product?
Hey, i found a trick that helped revive my clogged unit. Let me say first that the unit i first commented on got worse, much worse. It got so bad that it clogged to the point of NO MIST at all... Here's how i revived it. I laid the unit down (nozzle side up) and put my distilled water on THE FRONT of the mesh (not in the cup) and turned it on like normal. This reversed the misting to inside the cup & somehow this unclogged it to the point of running normally. I hope this info helps someone.
What they need to fucking do is offer JUST the replacement cups. I'm on my fourth unit right now and in a matter of 2 friggin days the unit has gone from working perfectly fine to now working at MAYBE 50%... and that's being generous. So now i might have to go get another one in just a little over a month later of buying the last one. Luckily i was able to return the previous one for a full refund. My other units died after 2 months. The new one is dying in just over a months... great.
i just went throught the exact same thing. had the original crappy cup piece and they sent me a new one etc... now the new one has crapped out after about 6 weeks of service in which the vapor flow was progressively worse each time i cleaned it until it now does nothing. the little pin piece behind the screen seems to be completely clogged or something. though, i too can vouch for the medicine actually working very well when you can get it atomized and inhaled.
Bought this thing back in August of last year thinking my prayers to the lung gods had been answered.....except that it friggin SUCKS!!!! Except for the fact that the medication itself works (as you mentioned) everything else about this product is just total shit. I will never buy another one. Currently getting by (barely) on Primatene tablets which have frustrating side effects and only marginally help lung function.
Hi,Mixing the ridiculous vinegar and distilled water thing is arduous but it does clean the stupid thing. I keep a pre mixed bottle with the cumbersome sized vaporizer. This company probably had a hand lobbying in the extinction and abolishment of primatene mist. Many stood to gain from it's departure. Whatever you do...DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PRESCRIBED A STEROID BASED INHALER!!! THEY ARE VERY BAD NEWS!!!!
Yeah-----My iinhaler clogs after each use---I have to shake it to work at all---It's very poorly constructed and only offers a llittle bit of mist---if any at times---Very overpriced and very inefficient ---and any other company enterprising enough to make another version---would blow them away. I'm convinced this a just another FDA--drug company marriage to rake in bucks on non breathers!!!!
Corruption really has nothing to do with losing Primatene. Armstrong had years to develop a CFC free version before the regulations took effect yet failed to do so. Many people are directing their anger at the wrong targets. The company simply dropped the ball. Rumor has it FDA approval of the new version of Primatene should come before the end of 2013. Keep your fingers crossed.
Guys, buy your units from Walmart. They are cheaper there and you can take them back within 30 days, no questions asked. Use it for 29 or 30 days and replace it. Or you could switcheroo the old clogged cup for the new cup before you return it. I guess that would work. It's easier for Walmart to get reimbursed for their defective products than us, so let them deal with it.
thanks for posting this vid. I'm having the same trouble.I followed the instructions to the letter.it worked well for a week,, then it just progressively worse, to the point that doesn't work at all.fifty fyckin bucks for a week and another 20 wasted on the meds that i can't use.fyckin scam. fuck the ozone ,i want to breathe .
This thing is a piece of shit. Im on my third machine totalling 140 bucks and its about to crap out too. I clean it exactly how it says and they dont seem to work longer than a few weeks..if that. Just waiting for the asthma attack thats going to kill me since inhalers that work seem to be illegal. Dont buy this atomizer.
Gotta have epinephrine to breathe at times---My lungs are fine-- Just my bronchial tubes get clogged---and epinephrine spray works miracles---it's good stuff if used only when necessary
I also tried Primatene tablets and they didn't work at all for me. This whole Primatene situation is a travesty and it reminds me every day how corrupted everything has gotten.
EZ BREATH is the biggest crock of shit rip off ever made it stops working after a month. Every one i know that tried it says the same thing. Its a big waste of money.
might sound silly but an ecigarette is the same exact thing but way better quality, uses an atomizer you can drip the medicine into and vaporize it just the same
It is a complete ripoff, I just put the solution in a regular nebulizer and it works fine that way. I am going to buy a real portable neb soon.

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Our maybe its the world wide deployment of toxic aerosols into our atmosphere via solar radiation management and geoengineering? geoengineeringwatch dot org
Never had it until 1992. Now it is almost constant. Air pollution/climate change is the only difference for me! We should care, before it is too late! Thx!
I have asthma so gg
My cat has asthma!
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