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I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Awardee: Lisa Chizek

Lisa Chizek, fifth- and sixth-grade teacher and STEM coordinator at North Tama Elementary School, has created a STEM Expert Day where she brings in ...

Women in Agriculture: Gayleen Moellers talks about Annie's Project in Iowa

Farm finances. Animal health. Human Resources. These are a few of the jobs Gayleen Moellers handles on her family's farm operation near Decorah, Iowa.

Rep. Raul R. Labrador Questioning EPA agency administrator Lisa Jackson

Idaho First District Rep. Raul Labrador questions EPA head Lisa Jackson on the efforts of her agency and its negative effects on Idaho's cities and jobs. Jackson ...

Artist Creates Sticky Note Mona Lisa

An Iowa artist reproduced Leonardo Da Vinci's world renown painting, Mona Lisa, out of sticky notes for a contest submission. (Sept. 18)

User Comments

Don't appreciate art?! YOU have NO CLUE what you're talking about. If you would just look on the right the "How to paint Mona Lisa with MS Paint" video has 9 MILLION VIEWS. My point? 14,500 views on a YouTube video (half of which are probably from the maker himself) isn't considered an "Internet Hit" anymore.
What is all? It is all that you think. Some might try to stop you - yet they never met you that does not stop. Peace and fullfillment are out there. Why is this true? It is because YOU are true. You can make a difference because you are here in this world, People - that you do not know - are behind you,
I think that is very interesting and creative for someone who is not an artist. I also like that he is interested in trying other non traditional mediums for future projects. Who said that you always have to use paint,pencils or brushes to create art?...Way to think outside the box!
rrr... Id like to watch people do smthn like this, than most of the junk put up on youtube. Even if it's not high price art, it's still wonderful to see people being creative... The sad thing is people like this guy are underupreciated... :*(
it is when you consider its not some bullshit where a girl dances half naked or some idiots gets kicked in the nuts but actual art which people dont seem to appreciate anymore
a charlieissocoolike video posted 6 hours ago has 13,286 views and counting. sure the "sticky note feat" is impressive but 14,500 views on youtube isn't that uncommon.
Hey applesrfun , try pounding 14,500 apples up your ass. Then let us know if it is still unimpressive. What a loser, and so is Lillylikehandjob too.
Yawn. 14,500 views. I got 17,000 views from a video on my own account and that was not news. How could this with less?
You're right, but then i get exited about it when my videos get over 100 views.. live and let live..
wewt his is awesome make umm another 40 million dollar painting out of um.... like..legos
would be EPIC to see a Jelly Bean artwork as his next piece!
lol, he must have the most borring life in the world.
That is fantastic! Germany is amazed by your talent!
this video has over 15,000 views atm....owned?
14,500 views isn't that impressive
4 people dont like mona lisa
rofl. and he 's proud.. xD
My balls are jombo

Full Interview: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

The AgriBusiness Report's Ken Root interviews EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on her first-ever tour of Iowa.
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