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Exotic cars in egypt facebook Videos

Exotic Cars in Lebanon

For more exotic cars in lebanon visit our group : " Motorheads - Lebanon " on facebook : //www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=227295710876.

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nice cars love dem

[Go-Ahead] HarbourFront - LT665 LTZ1665 - New Routemaster

Maxson Goh Films LT665 LTZ1665, a New Routemaster in HarbourFront, Singapore for a promotional tour for Go-Ahead Singapore.

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i see what you mean
2:15 Is that the Sunlong hybrid bus?
yes. i think. looks like ex sbs8000z
I want NB4L in singapore but revenue service
that will be cool

DEA Uses Fake Facebook Profile to Catch Drug Offenders

The DEA is using fake Facebook profiles to catch drug offenders. A federal court battle began after a 2010 incident where Sondra Arquiett found out that DEA ...

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Makes you think twice about who is your alleged online "friends". Happens all the time. Great way to entrap dissidents. Be careful with whom you share information with. 
+Robert Lock haha right?
I suppose that's a problem for some ;-)
The thing here is all of it is unconstitutional, and the more people fight with their constitutional rights the better the outcome is going to be. Think of this, remember those days when there was the DOT who pulled over Semi Trucks and regular cops couldn't pull them over unless they was breaking the law!? Well it was because those Semi truck drivers had a and the key words here is "Commercial License" Basically unless you are putting someone in harms way driving down the road then you are not breaking the law and by constitution we don't even need license or license plates, but because people don't really study their rights things are so out of hand that they the cops are now corporate cops, and they treat all of us as "Commercial Citizens" and people just cave right in no questions asked. So now that I said all of that, yeah it all ties right together because they are now impersonating people and causing them damage which is also unlawful, because you cannot cause harm to another, if you do then you have broke the actual law. People need to wake up and start using the constitution, some say that the constitution is dead, but that is simply not true, because it is the highest document in the land and cannot be killed because it is what put this country together. The sooner people realize that bankers are ruling this world, and want to do something about it meaning stopping corporate rule on private citizens the better off we will all be. And if you don't mind being a corporate citizen then that is your own shame, but you should at least think about it the difference between a private citizen and a corporate citizen.
Yeah its just a piece of paper, but it has all of our rights on it, and it is up to all of us to use it and make it worth having, and thats the true reality of it. But with an attitude like yours Kimberly thats why those corporations and governments are getting by with murder, because they know people like you don't care about your rights, but there are more and more people who do care about their rights.
Here's the thing: Just another case of what is becoming the rampant disregard of our civil liberties. It's all part of the mindset of preventative measure- the act of preempting the possibility of future criminality. There was a time when you had to commit a crime before you were charged and convicted. Not so today. Intention, or the possibility of intention to commit a crime is apparently all that's needed. Consider the 19 year old who declared he wanted to go to Syria and fight with ISIS. He was arrested at the airport and now faces up to 15 years in prison. His "crime" is his stated intention, not any act he committed. We're 13 years into a "preemptive" war on terrorism. Trillions of dollars and up to a million and a half innocent lives lost in an attempt to prevent the possibility of terrorism. It's insane, and only the most paranoid, the most fearful and the most easily manipulated can be in favor of such a radical shift in our approach to the law and law enforcement. 
+Lee Burkett Get ready for 10 - 20 more years: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/10/07/key-democrats-led-hillary-clinton-leave-doubt-endless-war-u-s-doctrine/More deaths, more of a strain on our economy. Once again we all lose while the war-hawks, religious fanatics and the Military Industrial Complex drool in ecstasy!You make an excellent point. In my opinion it's a slow militarization of the country and possibly the world. Scarey once you think of the possibilities from what could come.

REVS!! Ferrari 458 Italia In Super Cars On State Street 2013

Facebook in Egypt 3

Eye on democracy with Sherif Mansour and Ahmed Maher on using Facebook as a civic mobilization tool in Egypt.

Ferrari 458 Italia In Super Cars On State Street 2013

Exotic cars in Jordan™

//www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&gid=142000976048 _ WelcomE To This GrouP_.

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Walla ya man nice advertaisment of our grom ! realy like it ;)
thnxxxx man ;)
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