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Clara C Cover Contest | (Announcements)


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IMPORTANT QUESTION!-my friend and I are entering under my youtube account, but it says to put MY name, so is it okay that i title the video with my name and say it's my entry, but my friend is the one going to L.A. because we're splitting the price if by any chance we win...or do i title the video" CLARA C - Cover Contest (my name & friends name) and say "this is (my name and friend's name's) entry into the YesStyle.com and 1964 Ears Clara C Cover Contest" ? PLEASE ANSWER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
i can see why everyone is frustrated with the rules, but think about how clara feels. if i held a contest giving away free stuff and a majority of the people just complained and questioned my morality on what's fair, i would be extra sad face. she's even watching all 150+ entries, even though she's busy touring the world and what not. so let's give her a break and don't let this discourage you from holding more contests in the future, clara!!
good luck to all that are entering. i admire all this enthusiasm and persistence towards this contest and i thank Clara C for it. though i doubt i would get a chance with all this competition going on while I'm at a disadvantage with views, popularity and probably time too. i sound meek and gutless and maybe i am, but i 100% support all of you. i am truly devastated but to all that have that courage and determination. GOOD LUCK.
Judging based on views doesn't do justice to those with real talent.. it's mostly based on popularity (and web views can be pumped up despite having not much talent). I understand views are what your sponsors want but honestly, there's some really outstanding talent that's much more worthy and deserving of consideration toward winning your cover contest. One of the best I've seen is @handfullofmoments Good luck to everyone.
@AlexNiedt "7. Entries will be accepted until January 7, 2012. On January 8, 2012 the top 10 most viewed videos will go before the judges and they will determine the top 3 winners. Winner will be announced January 11, 2012! (please note if your video has 1, 5 or 20 people in it. Only 1 person will be flown out)" I don't think you could expect a top 10 video after 1 day, so doesn't it make sense to upload earlier?
sigh... we only have approx. 2-3 days to catch up to the thousands of views others already have. although the prizes aren't that important to us, we would very much like to hear the opinions of the judges/others. so PLEASE check out our video (on my channel) of our cover of Offbeat :) thanks YouTube community! good luck to other contestants!
Looking back on this competition, and I'm still upset my video didn't make top 5, nor do I feel like I got any recognition out of my hard work (other than my friends who supported me the whole way.) So sad. I'm still hating on the rules. Feel free to check out my entry for this on my channel - which I thought was pretty good by the way.
This contest should've been judged by talent, and not by the number of views. There might've been so many different reasons the entrants submitted their work late. Plus, same person could've repeatedly watched the video to rack up the number of views for their own benefit. While I love Clara's music, the rule to this contest is flawed.
@hereigoutube I am watching every single video myself but I am not judging. The idea of top 10 video was not to cut corners but its also to reward people who submitted their video early and worked hard in the beginning as well. A lot of the top videos have very few subscribers and I'd like to believe true talent will always be seen =)
@flavioffer i totally agree. all your points are legit; it's blunt but it's reality. i think her management should aim for a compromise and look at at least the top 40 videos. top 10 is pretty limited in scope, and there's no guarantee the 10 most viewed covers will even be the best or most deserving.
Hi Clara =] I hope you and your team have the time to give all the entries even a quick 10-15 second look, just to be sure you're not missing anyone deserving of a chance who just didn't happen to be popular enough to have tons and tons of views. I think many of us would appreciate that a ton =] !
Hi, Check out our friend's video on youtube, she entered Clara C's contest... She really really wants to win, and it would be great if you could check it out because she only has a little bit of views :( Just type in Clara C- Cover Contest (June Jeong). It will be the first one listed. Thank you!
It's a shame that the videos are being judged by the view count. Music is something that cannot be measured through numbers or figures. It should be judged and based on your personal experience with the cover, how much you enjoyed it and how much effort was put into it. Sigh.
Hey everyone :D Hope you guys will check out my video (the only one on my channel haha!) It would also be nice if you could leave some sort of feedback for future reference... I plan on just jamming and doing more covers with my friends ^_^
hey everyone! hope everyone's christmas/holidays are going well! if you want, check out my cover on my channel. decided to go a different direction with my cover, so if you're interested in some new things, check out mine! thanks!
@ClaraCMusic Thank you for having this contest! While we won't be in the top 10, we had an awesome time putting together our cover and learned a lot. Hope you get to see ours! Thanks again for giving us this opportunity! :)
To be fair, I think the judges should look over ALL the video entries instead of the top 10 most viewed videos, because there are established musicians on Youtube who already had a lot of subscribers going into the contest.
@ClaraCMusic... ummm....i used to play music but i'm not talented enough to enter, but...... if i paid for everything would you hang out with me for 2 days, after I get back from the Middle East????? 0=) -a big fan-
@ClaraCMusic Uh... Bullshit. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is tons more famous than you are, having an incredible amount of entries. And yet he watched every single one of the entries. Stupid fucking system
can the judges maybe watch the top TWENTY videos instead of ten? You didn't mention that rule in the video so I didn't know about it :[ Please check out my entry... It won't be a complete waste of your time...
I'm currently rendering my video. Have been very busy and only got two weeks or less to do everything. I don't expect to win, just wanna show how much I love Clara's music. So glad to be a part of this :D
Hey everyone :) Please do check my video out & tell me what you think. This competition means alot to me, clara's an inspiration to me & meeting her would be an absolute dream come true :'> Thank you!

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