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Singapore airlines ife system Videos

singapore airlines in-seat entertainment keeps rebooting

The Next Generation KrisWorld Entertainment System

We're very excited about our next generation KrisWorld entertainment system. Here's what you can you look forward to!

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Touched Down In Singapore!

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Touched Down To Singapore After A 12 Hour Flight From Toulouse.It Touched Down In Singapore At 6.30pm(Singapore Time) ...

User Comments

I didn't know an Airport could Fly, WOW, Hundreds of Thousands of tonnes of Building that Flies, Now that *IS* outstanding ! Comparing an Airport to an Airline is like comparing an pebble to a brick.
The A380 is already having a daily flight from Singapore and Sydney and Sydney to Singapore. you can spot the landing at changi beach at about 2.15pm at runway 20R. Radio frequency is 108.900
Um, actually both win the award every alternate year. One year HK wins it, then the next year SG wins it, then the next year HK wins again, and it continues on and on
hey man you come to singapore for a holiday???is singapore good for you??i live in singapore and i want to wat people said about our country..hehehe:)
hey mother fucker..dont u even know that singapore has the best airliner AND airport int the WORLD?? even though its a puny country
@MysteryDope Shut the Fuck up DOPE shit. You Suck TITS. you know nothing bout SIA. get the fuck out of here
Congratulations to SIA for receiving its first Airbus A380. ...and for tsesin, just keep quiet.
IllusionBreaker972..Do You Noe Whats The DIfference Between Airline And Airport..?
Its great that finally this plane is on its way to success.
erm..what did you consider a 'not so puny' airport
@ultimatezero12345 yeah so whats the big problem?
It Wasn't Me Who Said That..It Was My Frend..
Why are you asking so many questions?!
the airbus landed on terminal 3....
Rofl Terminal 5 u must be kidding
That Sounds Like the mother
lol that was funnyyy hahha
okay that airport is puny
Congratulations for SIA.

Singapore Airlines B777-300ER passing between Korea and Japan with pockets of turbulence

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