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Ebay india gucci Videos

Gucci Watch Second Hand Movement

Video shows Second Hand Movement. Item will be available for sale on ebay starting at 7:30pm Sept 30th and will end the auction on Sunday Oct 5th at 7:30pm.

eBay Vintage Magic Box - UPDATE Video

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I am considering making a video talking about my best finds and highest profits. I have bought and sold a few cars with a nice profit and my best picks are a few items around $300 - $500.My highest price I have sold a pair of jeans for would be a couple pairs just under $200. I sold a pair of TR jeans yesterday for $90.
Thanks for the follow up. I knew you would do well. How could you not drop $20 on that. I love it when I find old cool stuff just to have it and research it before selling (or keeping) it. Love the history on some of these items we find. Cool stuff and nice to see you're keeping that deck.
Great way to split the stuff up. I think those naked lady cards are gonna definitely pay for your investment & the rest will be gravy. :-) I don't blame you for not selling those tied together cards. Really cool!
Hi, do you have a link to your store on ebay? I've been on ebay the last 20 minutes trying to find it. I have tried the advanced search. They don't make it easy for some reason. Thanks
Unfortunately I do believe that you have to go through the steps. I listed all of the steps on my channel.
list the lot of stuff as "Vintage Magician's Magic Trick Junk Drawer Lot Collection"
What a cool collection!! Thanks for commenting Nora, so I could check it out.
Wow very cool! I love the old bottle and all of the decks of cards. :)
You got a nice collection from that magic kit for sure.
You did very well in that discovery of the magic chest.
I love old playing cards. Nice score!
Very neat find
no idea haha

Great Garage Sale Finds to list on eBay ! ! !

Check out my eBay Listings! Username: gsvaughn_ytb COMMENT/RATE/SUBSCRIBE 10/27/12.

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Ebay Finds - jennings644

You can find some fab bargains on ebay :)

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A few years ago a family member died. They used to go to estate sales and pick up jewelry. There was an estimated 373 LARGE plastic bins of old jewelry which none of us took as we had no idea what to do with it. Now, watching your wonderful "how to" videos I weep thinking about those boxes! Lovely haul you got. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.
That's how I get my vintage jewelry for collecting and using in crafts. Every now and then I'll scope out the auctions in there and will find a decent lot. And I'll bid on them. I love finding the rhinestone look and try going after mixed lots. You'd be surprised what you'll find in there. Lots of crafting fun too! TFS! Hugs! Linda
I recently discovered the autions on ebay. What a find! I've been able to purchase beads, spacers and findings much the expensive than if I had gone shopping at Micheal's, Joann's or Hobby Lobby. I just have to watch how much I spend since I'm on a tight budget. ~Tria
I just purchased 20 pounds (yep! TWENTY POUNDS!) of the most gorgeous lace trim variety you will ever find for $30 bucks on EBAY. You can do a LOT with 20 pounds of beautiful lace trim! Different colors, shapes, sizes. I was in heaven.
vintage jewellery, it really depends on the day if you find nice things like this little lot. It all sells so quickly and you have to be fast. I find Friday's are the best days to find a bargain :) Hope this helps Hugs Fi xx
You tub was playing up this morning! I had to close the window and try again several times til I finally got your vid to start! Makes me want to say bad things! Nice finds Fi TFS Hugs, Jess
can i ask what did you type in the search engine? i just can never seem to fing these bargins lol
beautiful finds Fiona. I sometimes forget what you can come across on ebay. TFS! Hugs, Maggie
Wow......great haul there!! I may have to check Ebay out! TFS. Yvonne
Hi Queenie, you got some great finds there, TFS Hugs Duchess x
Lots of pretty pieces. TFS
great find

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