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About the Course - Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology)

Meet Swinburne Online students who attended a field trip as a part of their Social Science degree. Find out more about the Bachelor of Social Science ...

Swinburne students fundraising for Nepal

Throughout April and May, Swinburne students held several events to help raise funds for Nepal after the Himalayan nation was impacted by a severe ...

Student interviews - Hardik Idnani (Swinburne Emerging Leader Program)

Master of Information Technology student Corey Bransden speaks about the Swinburne Emerging Leader Program. This video series gives students a taste of ...

Hand execution (Swinburne CodeCasts - Introduction to Programming in Pascal 2.4)

In this video Andrew demonstrates the process of hand execution. Hand execution is used to demonstrate that you understand what actions occur in the ...

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