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Ferrari 360 spider book Videos

Silverstone - Guinness record drive (part II)

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errug cool!!

Silverstone - Guinness record drive (part I)

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Thank you for sharing from your view. You can check my upload from the stand. You may spot your ferrari

Ferrari 360 Spider (Regalo de Il nostro signore)

Ferrari 360 Spyder plegando techo.

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Je, jeee. Gracias. Pues no, no se nota. Por eso la toma es fija ;-) La pena es que el coche no estaba muy limpio, y ademas cuando grabamos el video no fue con la intención de colgarlo aquí, sino que esto se me ocurrió despues. Si lo llego a pensar antes hubiera hecho un video mas interesante. De todas formas esto puede representar el comienzo de una interesantísima zaga de videos... Saludos
Que bien te queda el coche, jodio... oye, no se nota nada el roce del trompo, no??
Ole, pero lo que más me gusta del video es el niño. Un saludo
Gracias Charlie!

ferrari 360 spider start up and accelerate!

this beautiful black ferrari 360 spyder was parked at some tennis courts near my cousins house in orinda, CA. i love the sound of that V8 when it starts up and ...

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The ferrari is actually accelerating so quickly, time dilation is occurring, causing it to appear to be moving slowly. This phenomenon also occurs near the edge of a black hole's event horizon.
@iBles3d i honestly do not know what ferraris you have been listening to lately. look up any stock ferrari 360 video on youtube and it sounds like this.
you are also aware they never made a "spider modena" they made the spider modena challenge stradale so u sir are a fucking retard
@iBles3d not fake, this is what stock spyders sound like, your dad must have an exhaust or something
Honestly, i think i would take a 360CS over a 430 any day. The sound of that 3.6 is unbelievable.
@iBles3d yea im sure he does. this is a real car my friend, you obviously dont know your Ferrari's
The shit id do to just to have this sexy beast would dwarf Johnny Knoxvilles latest escapades
wooooooooooooow that acceleration i think he floored it because that engine was roaring -_-
@iBles3d stfu bud you probably just wish your dad had a ferrari nice car and vid btw
@salar021021 you cant even talk when you dont have one so shut the fuck up faggot
had the chance to get one got a 2010 bmw m5 fully loaded :D 6 speed with upgrades
@iBles3d yah just shut up you dont know what your talking about
@iBles3d take ur ignorant "my daddy has" shit somewhere else...
that motor sounds like an orchestra to my ears is so amazing!!
@TheCodingguru get a life n stop talking shit on youtube, smh
lolz the start up sounds like a fucking cavy
wtf, that was some pussy ass ferrari ...
@RacingEngineV8 my favorite for the 360!
@qnzdominicano2 eh, i dont see it. lol
Many vids lately! Keep them coming :)
It's been hit... That's not cool...
looks like a gallardo from behind

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, F355 GTS, 550 Maranello, 430 Scuderia, 612 Scaglietti, 599 GTB Fiorano

Check out the Classic Car Icons eBook for iPad here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/classic-car-icons/id630248407?mt=11&uo=4 Amazing Ferrari parade at ...

FERRARI 360 spider by Dan&dave Buck from the system

360 spider by Dan and dave Buck.

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Ferrari 360 Spider, Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed and Bentley Arnage

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