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Ferrari f430 spider edmunds Videos

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Ferrari F430 Spider vs Pontiac GTO ?

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This is not a 430 scuderia. A 430 spider !
Pontiac GTO

Ferrari F430 spider & Bentley Continental GT Speed (2 nice cars.)

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I would not. I'll take a Bentley GT Speed anyday over a Ferrari.
ill take the Ferrari! LOL who wouldnt! Nice cars and vid

Ferrari F430 powerslide

Great clip of a F430 sticking the back end out!! Subscribe!! MUCH MORE coming soon: //bit.ly/SubscribetoSOL Twitter: //bit.ly/SupercarsofLDN ...

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And to the instant experts and other idiots like hunterhalo2 and tudorgui1992 who about a year ago said that the driver bounced off the rev limiter a bit and would've swapped ends if not for traction control . . . stop overcompensating, you know nothing about cars. I don't think he even used 100% throttle. I saw a 430 Scuderia while driving in Amish country Pennsylvania (of all places) this weekend and witnessed him do the same manoeuvre coming out of a fuel station to zip in right behind me.
@imbacklol depends on the V8, on the Type-R version, and on the Road they are competing. If its a circuit that involves TURNS, a Type-R, [even the EK9 that is 1,6L and 15 years old] would rape a heavy V8. In a straight 50 mile line.. yes, the V8 would probably finish first! There are V8's that produce 200 HP, and there are Supercharged V8's that produce 500HP. Not all are the same. Either way, any Type-R is a marvellous Piece of Engineering and Advanced Technology.
@PaddyMerttt maybe because europe has a quite long history...america is just 500 years old, europe more tan 2000! I am from austria (small country next to germany) and I want to go to university in the usa because I want to feel the american way of life. But I think I will not stay there because there are too many things I don't like in america-mostly politics. From 1930 to 1970 the usa was the most interesting place on earth-but nowadays...I don't know.
@tornadostorm18 Veyron SS Koenigsegg Agera Ferrari Enzo Lamborghini LP640 Lamborghini LP670-4 Lamborghini LP570-4 Ferrari 599 GTO Ferrari 458 Mercedes SLS Mercedes SLR Porsche 911 Turbo S Porsche Carrera GT Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Ariel Atom Caparo T1 Ascari A10 Ultima GTR Gumpert Apollo Zenvo ST1 Mclaren F1 Noble M600 Pagani Zonda Cinque Porsche 911 GT2 RS Koenigsegg CCXR Maserati MC12 There you go there's 25 :)
@tornadostorm18 most of those cars would rape the ZR1 in all 3 categories. I'm not saying the ZR1 is a bad car. in fact i would very much like one, I'm just saying that European cars have the edge. the way they sound, the way they handle. Sorry, that list is hard to read I did set it out in a list but it came out like that.
@RealRapMusic187 so you're saying that you have to be a driving enthusiast to have a ferrari? and they dont buy super cars for the fuck of it, they buy one because they've always wanted one and they've worked hard and can afford one. nobody just spends 150,000+ just because they feel like it. your points are invalid
/watch?v=FtiM_-idpNA Real powersliding. @Gijsi Burnouts usually involve wheel spin. And smoke. @achp400 I hope when you say "sweet catch" you mean the cameraperson, not the driver. There wasn't really any rear end slippage to catch. You can't catch what never leaves the glove.
son, you'll never end your school and never get into a situation to own cars you shot with your celphone... taking pics of those cars is not like transmissible disease that will put you into a seat of of those...get back to school and clean the youtube space for longer vids
the two MINI's at the back are way cooler. I would never buy a ferrari. Bcuz i dun hav money. if i do it would be mine for a long time. hahaha i just likes coopers more. hahahha i'm so jeolos of him, driving a ferrari . oho
@PaddyMerttt let me just go ahead and clarify that the SSC ultimate aero tt is faster than any peice of shit eurocrap, better yet the whole world, and that the corvette ZR1 would rip europe a new asshole. Thank youuuuuuuuuu
@Eltern10 It's not hard to escape politics here. We're still interesting, you just have to know where to go and where to avoid. We're a huge and diverse country... not all of us are politicians.
@youblunt You can afford to do damage with a Honda. No one wants to wreck a Ferrari. Hell if I had one I would probably just sit in it in the driveway and rev the engine pretending to drive.


A new special day in Barcelona (Spain) I go first in the Ferrari F430 spyder, and second I go in a gallardo, it's my present for my 18th Birtday !

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i love both cars. they are masterpeaces. each one in his own way. but if i would have to choose one i would prefer the f430 because of its mindblowing sound. its so genious. never get sick of listening to it. my ringtone is also a start up of a f430 spyder. greets to all car lovers
this is a Company that one dedicates to this. This is an unic experiencie, if you hava a 2 years of driving experience, you can pilot the super car. Tanks for viw my video!
wooww tioo jaja de valencia noo? yo tambienn XD eeh! genial el video ee.. pues tengo tambien de fotos i eso x valencia aau tioo
te as montado en mi coche preferido pero a mi me gusta mas cupe espero q lo ayas disfrutado (mola el video)
your friend is lucky, at the same time unlucky. he gets to ride it, but doesn't get to drive it haha
jajajaja q sobrao el video paco! XD ya me gustaria estar ahi loko jajajaja esperamos mas videos!
cada vez me soprendes más, epero ver más videos de estos :) encima son de alta calidad...
semi - manual is funny, automatic no up the revolutions :) sorry my english level is basic.
que buena onda mira en las naves que andan y yo no tengo ni una patineta jajajaja chetos
madre mia paco ke flipante tien ke ser esto un saludo makina
U lucky guy! Did you rent these btw 5*
La fiança pel lloguer era de 6000€?

Aston Martin V8 Vantage / Ferrari F430 F1 Spider

Authobahn... more clips at //www.youtube.com/andreasj69.

Test Drive Maranello-Itália Ferrari F430 Spider Eurotrip 2011/12

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caralho velho!
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