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Ferrari 355 spyder oil change Videos

Acura integra VS Ferrari 355 spyder

Acura takes off through the red light. Ferrari driver didnt realy think they were going to race. But it then caught up with out a problem. You could hear the driver ...

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Boss Mustang. From an engineering point of view. A typical Honda engine is far superior in quality to most modern V8's. Who needs CC anyway. I think the last 20 years have pretty much shown that a V8 is a waste of time really. Ok torque is ideal for power. But you cant argue that a Honda engine aint shit. If you knew anything about cars you'd respect that size for size Honda's make good power.
@7or11comeout Oh holy shit. One of the most ignorant comments I have ever come across. Do you really think Ferrari's weigh in at 4200 lbs? The Ferrari is probably around 3k but only really produces 375hp. The Integra is about 2800 lbs with what, 180hp stock? So the Integra with 3 changes will have to produce exactly 350hp to have the same power to weight. Good luck.
i remember this video when i was like in middle school...this is like sooooo iconic you muther fuckers dont even know...film it bitch! shit even this dude had better camera skills and old ass camera and it looks 10x better than half the shitty videos up on youtube
You're SO RIGHT! It was worth a possible ticket!!! A little early on second and third gear...But an awesome and inspiring run nonetheless. I'm working on a 90 LS right now and I have to say thanks for putting this video on here for me to see man!!!
Actually ur just a narrow minded redneck who believe domestic is the only way to go. Short gears and light weight are a fair advantage. thats how u compensate for the fact that we have 4 less cylinders. Your the one who knows nothing about cars
You guys are retarded, these guys knew they were going to get smoked, they just thought it was awesome (i would too) to say you raced a ferrari and got smoked. Probably just wanted to see him rip on it.
@7or11comeout "it took 2 gears for the ferrari to catch up and a 3rd to pass." LOL yeah your integra is really faster than a ferrari, but only for 2 gears XD
Your dad is a late middle age guy who is overcompensating by driving a cheesy Ferrari and feels the need to race kids....and you're proud of it???
hey the vtir didnt pull away frm the lights too badly gotta admit... obviously ferrari's gonna smash it with the big TOP end power :)
:15 you fucked up, thats what you get for looking on the side mirror right before you have to shift. amateur mistake!
@boomdude I know that, i raced a farrari one time in my integra and the same thing happened just how this video went.
@3threal I think u mean hitting the rev limiter . ive never heard the saying " bouncing the redline " before lol
the ferrari looked over noticed someone thought their car was fast and decided to show them a fast car
I know sometimes its not even racing someone its seeing if they would actually go with u
hahahahaha, the 355 wasnt using full power. tegs suck along with other hondas and acuras
@Vathane no, i think it took 2 gear for the ferrari to realize u were racing him. LMAO
nahh they didnt they got away with it!! lol the guy in the ferrari's my dad
Is that a 125hp 80 toruque integra vs an italian super car? I think so.
Old vid...Poor ferrari had to scream his engine to catch up on a 1.8L
Fuckin love this vid! Watched it millions of times, awesome shit.
Haters are gonna hate. Good pull no matter what they say.
@StacKz0nDecK yea but did u see how well he held up?
wow pretty obvious that the farrari was gonna win
hahaha this is definetly worth a ticket haha
The guy in the Ferrari 355 spyder is my dad.
at least you got owned by a 100+grand car
bouncing of the redline sure didnt help
you asshole steal other people videos !
did ether of them get a ticket for this
no actually those arent even the specs
@DC2slammed stock vs non-stock hmmmmm
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