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Manitoba canada things to do Videos

The Manitoba Museum | Museum Galleries

The Manitoba Museum, located in downtown Winnipeg tells the history of Manitoba from the beginning of time to present day and is a top tourism attraction in ...

The Manitoba Museum | Build a Catenary Arche

The Manitoba Museum in downtown Winnipeg is a Canadian Museum known for creating exhibits that educate and entertain kids of all ages. Looking for things ...

User Comments

After watching video, diplomas appeared on my wall.. -The curve theoretically assumed by a perfectly flexible and inextensible cord of uniform density and cross section hanging freely from two fixed points. Catenarys! I know TOO much about catenarys now. I can't get this outta my head now. z = -H/g (cosh (gx/H)-1). where. z = vertical distance. H = Horizontal component of cable force g = weight of cable / unit of lenght x = horizontal distance How do I make this stop?! Help ME!
Okay, although everyone else is trying to make clever jokes, I just want to say that I honestly enjoyed that video. It's educational and I really like the music. This is especially great for children, I would love to see more things explained and would accept it being marketing for your museum!
This is incredible. Manitoba seems like a magical place that I would now like to visit due to this amazing video. God bless the person who made it.
Len, your voice is absolutely perfect for voice-overs or narration. You should consider doing some professional work.
YEAH! So if you make arches does that make you an Archer, my favorite TV show? I kid! Either way great video!
best video in the world ever made, there is now a cure for cancer that also cures aids and aging
Oh wow this is AWESOME, now I can build something to get out of my house and over my moat.
As soon as I watched this video I got a litter of kittens delivered to my door. Amazing!
that was actually a pretty impressive demo at the end. i genuinely enjoyed that video
Not as cool as the arch building at the St. Louis Science Center, just sayin'
What an amazing video! I had my arm amputated years ago, and it GREW BACK!
I need to know this song so I can play it on my drive to work every day.
I am now going to Oxford university and majoring in arches. Thanks Len!
His enthusiasm iS CONTAGIOUS!!!! and ARCH ENEMY??! WHAT A RIOT!!!
Makes me want to attempt this in my own back yard! Very cool.
And thanks for len-ding me a hand on how to build an arch
That is pretty cool, always wondered how they worked :)
That's some pretty cool science stuff right there Len.
this changed the way i think about arches. thanks len
You see when Len tipped that arch! Well-Played Len!
between his accent and the music this is hillarious

Video 2 -- Improving Patient Safety: Things to do

Patient and Family Involvement: Resources for helping patients to become active participants in their care. Patient Advisory Committee: The Patient Advisory ...

Fun stuff for South African immigrants to do in Manitoba.

Valentine's Day 2015: Winnipeg MB: 8 am; Sunny -28.7C - Feels: -41C - Wind: N 19km/h - Bar: 104.4 kPa ^ - Hum: 68% All you need is: One cup of boiling water ...

Lively Gatherings in Manitoba

Eskimo Museum in Churchill, Manitoba

There aren't too many things to do in Churchill, other than go on bear tours etc, so this museum a must. Don't miss it! Blog: //cricketsaunty.com Photos: ...

The Manitoba Museum | Science Gallery | Solids, Liquids & Gases

The Manitoba Museum Science Gallery is one of Winnipeg's top tourist attractions and a top pick in Manitoba for family and for kids of all ageslooking to explore ...

Visiting Winnipeg in Friendly Manitoba

We explored another Canadian province of friendly Manitoba. We spent a few days in Winnipeg and made a great trip to Winnipeg beach as well.
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