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Trans canada manitoba explosion Videos

'Damning' TransCanada pipeline rupture report

CBC News has uncovered a damning report about a TransCanada pipeline explosion that the federal regulator kept buried for years.

Manitobans cut off by pipeline explosion to soon get heat

TransCanada Pipeline working on bypass around damaged section.

Real explosion - video 1

A TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded on 1/25/2014 outside Otterburne Manitoba, Canada. Fire burned for 12+hrs with flames nearing 300 meters.

TransCanada says pipeline explosion rare, but unsure of cause

TransCanada spoke for the first time since a natural gas pipeline exploded near Otterburne Jan. 25. The company said it could take many weeks to determine ...

Grunthal Producer Avoids Loss Of More Than 20,000 Chickens

Most residents of south eastern Manitoba affected by Saturday's explosion of the Trans-Canada Pipeline near Otterburne have been coping well under the ...

Explosion en Otterburne, Manitoba

explosion de subestacion de gas en Otterburne, Manitoba.

Otterburne pipeline explosion extended edition

January 25, 2014 the Trans Canada pipeline near Otterburne exploded sending a fireball several hundred feet into the air. Here are all the video clips and ...
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