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Manitoba no canada Videos

Todo lo que no te cuentan sobre Manitoba y Estudiar en Canadá

Los que ayer te querían vender Quebec como toda solución hoy te quieren vender Estudiar en Manitoba. Son los mismos que ayer y hoy solo piensan en su ...

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¿cuál es el costo promedio de un año de estudio en Manitoba?

Crashed UFO in Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada? NO COMMENT (NO COMMENT.)

Back deck Aurora borealis in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

No truck, no problem. Relax on back deck and enjoy the show.

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Amazing. Never saw one until last on explore.org.
What a view from your backyard! Prime property :)

Reduced Tillage - High-speed Harrowing, Manitoba - Canada

Minimum and No-Tillage practices; minimum soil disturbance to retain moisture and warming up soil before seeding. Cut and spread straw residue, weed control ...

Canada Manitoba 2001

Dette er en "nostalgi" film om den aller første bjørnejakten Mylla Jakt og Fiskereiser arrangerte i Manitoba. https://www.mylla.no.

Buejakt Manitoba Canada

Filmen er om en bjørnejakt med pil og bue I Manitoba Canada som ble organisert av Mylla Jakt og Fiskereiser I 2003. www.mylla.no.

A Tribute to Manitoba, Canada

This simple videoclip is my sincere tribute to the province of Manitoba, Canada. I hope you enjoy it!

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hi i wrote that comment almost 2 months ago i am in Calgary Alberta right now i am just waiting to hear from universities because i applied for many of them hopefully will still go to the university of Manitoba i hope the registration deadline is in august or late July this weird in Calgary is super weird one minute it is raining the other it is hot and sunny then it's cold and cloudy all of this in 1 day i feel lonely because i don't know anybody here but it will change when i start studying
@shivamsuryavanshi Hi! I want to thank you for your comments! This little video I did is very simple, but I did it with all my heart! If you are living in Manitoba, be sure you are a lucky guy! It's my dream to live in Manitoba. I hope I can move soon, but first I have to complete studies for a BA (I hope to do it by August or September this year). Then I'll try to get a job in Winnipeg. The pictures I used in this video are from "Travel Manitoba" website.
great place! great video, even the background music complements. me and my family are immigrating soon to canada. we are from the southeast asia. we're also considering manitoba as our destination. but i'm a bit worry for my family about adjusting with the weather. btw, is there alot of job opportunity for me in manitoba, i'm a dental hygienist. thank you for the video!
Thank you very much for your comment. Actually this was the first time I've done a video at all! Regarding to Manitoba, I didn't have the privilege to be in this nice province yet. To be honest, I didn't have the privilege to be in Canada either! But despite of that, I and my wife are planning to move to Winnipeg in a few years! Thanks again!
wwoooooww it`s soooo beatiful!!! Thank you very much for this grate Video!!! It let my Heart goes beat:) I love this Place and this is the Place i want to rest of my life!!! Manitoba, i love you!!!! i wat to immigrate as soon as possible. I love you all. Have fun in MB and be loyal to your Home, MANITOBA your Amanda, from German (Hamburg)
Although I usually say how much I dislike Manitoba, mostly because of the drug addicts and theft, I really do love it here. A lot of other countries you can't go for 20 min. without hitting a town or city, not here, everythings so spacious, i love Manitoba:) Someone else here from Winnipeg or portage?
Canada's immigration laws aren't to bad, considering its like are primary source or population increases. and don't listen to people saying its full of bad crime =P everywhere has crime rates just try not to live downtown haha simple as that downtown anywhere is always the heart of crime.
@kakokeko1234 Is there any website where I can get more information on farming, land prices, general costs, taxes and so on (in Manitoba, not far from Winnipeg)? During the last years, I've been thinking a lot about living in the countryside not far from Winnipeg!
Hi! Thank you for your comment! Do you believe that the problem you told me about is so much serious than in other parts of the world? Or at least than in other parts of Canada? I'm asking you that because it happens sometimes, almost everywhere!
Ooohhh thank you soooo much for this wonderful Video about Manitoba!!! I love it!!! I hope to immigrate as soon as possible to Manitoba:) be loyal to your beatiful Province Manitoba and take care:) love greeting from German (Hamburg) your Amanda
@rickbn67 No thank you for this truly beautiful vid...I belive Manitoba to be one of Canada's most beautiful proviences ( my opinion )...There is so much here for everyone to enjoy...so much to see and explore..Truly I love Manitoba !
very nicely done - my congrats:D i'm an implant to manitoba, but i've been living here for over 20 years now, and love it! i love it even more than the place where i'm coming from. i feel like it is my home, and it is! my home..
I do claim to be a hardcore mountain lover from BC, but I do know Manitoba has some (or LOTS!) of the best water landscapes on earth, some of which is well shown in this video, and deserves to be celebrated more!
@rickbn67 Time passes by... Thank you, because you ANSWERED me. I am very glad... That's why I love internet. Are you a brazilian guy? Moi aussi! And I am glad to know you. Have a nice day, EVERYDAY! Be happy!
i'm moving there in 2 months i hope it is good in there i want to see the beautiful nature and i want to meet nice friendly people but is it true its too hot in there ? and the sun is too strong?
@kakokeko1234 It really seems to be a nice place! Maybe some day I'll come with my wife to know the place. By the way, you can write to me in Spanish if you want! I speak Portuguese and Spanish.
@TreasuresTresors Hi Hamish, thanks for your comments! I would be very glad to be a part of your project. How is exactly the procedure to submit a video to your group? Best Regards, Rick
@rickbn67 hey man how r u doin? my place is in Balmoral its like 30 minutes from winnipeg we have the best of 2 world closer to the city but livin at the country . greetings !!
That place is beatifull can´t beleive their are people stealing cars in such pretty place. I´m moving to Canada pretty son God bless Canada. and the people in It yeah.
Hi Iryna. Thank you for your comments! Welcome to Manitoba! I wish all the best here. Actually this is my new home too, but I suppose you're here longer than me.
i love manitoba. it's great. did you know that winnipeg is the very center of north america? and that Winni the pooh originated from winnipeg? great video!
@kakokeko5678 Thank you for your comment! I hope you are doing fine in the farm! It seems to be a nice place to live. Where is it located?
I loved the video, the place and the music! Congratulations! And you just see and show the beauty! That's the right thing to do! Continue!
@yfarini One year to answer... It`s quite a shame! But as some use to say: Better later than never! Best wishes to you and your family!

Eraserheads' ELY BUENDIA - "Maling Akala" Live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - October 4, 2015

Maling Akala by: Ely Buendia May mga kumakalat na balita Na ang misis ni kuwan ay madaling makuha Bago maniwala, mag-isip-isip ka muna Marami ang ...

REAL UFO – OVNI - UFO happened in the reserve jackhead in Manitoba, Canada in 2015

El término objeto volador no identificado, más conocido como ovni1 (por las siglas O.V.N.I., del acrónimo inglés UFO o Unidentified Flying Object),1 se refiere a ...
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