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Infiniti g35 msd ignition Videos

2 H/C/I Corvette Z06's + 550whp Twin Turbo G35!

After our trip to JMS Racing, we decided to hit the streets to film a few runs. We ran into these 2 NASTY H/C/I Z06's that night, one of them being an Artic White ...

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quickly becoming my new favorite channel keep it up
Nice runs. More please
That was a fun night!

Brainwave by MSD | Technology for sharing data throughout your vehicle

Eric at MSD give us the low down on MSD Brainwave. Learn to tune | //www.learntotune.com Follow us on Facebook ...

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amm... he is actualy talking about bus systems ..in cars... today .. i mean tha exist for decade now it's not somethink new.. the difference is thay are taking "CAN"-bus and specifying it for the raceapplications and making it accessible for the bright mass of customers... it's cood that thay are willing to do it and make our lives easyer in some way but... it's not like inventing the worm water... and he made it sound just like that..
+tinko mollov you are dead right. I don't believe they are claiming that they invented CAN bus communication, just as you say making it easy and accessible for the every man :)

Audi s4 vs infinity g35

Audi got him on this one. Awd... Plurrr.

Best Engine Rev Limiters Reviews 2016 1

//www.24reviewing.com/engine-rev-limiters //www.24reviewing.com/engine-rev-limiters Click on the link to compare the best Engine Rev Limiters.
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