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Isaiah washington jfl Videos


7yr old Malik Washington #9 QB 25 yard pass

Isaiah Long - Comedy Show at the Improv in DC

Isaiah Long - Comedy Show at the Improv in DC.

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Boy do ya thang man, you a trip. Keep up the good work man

Frankie vs Palmer| UNBREAKABLE III

Frankie| SUPREME BEINGS vs Palmer| HAVIKORO semifinals of 1v1 Unbreakable III Washington D.C. 2-13-2010 hosted by Monk & Breakfamous ...

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@JollyGreenGordo No offense dude, but 3 years isn't earning your stripes. You may be mad dope for all I know, but at these levels, cats have 10+ years. Unless you're some phenom (and I hope you are, all the better for the dance), you better keep your nose down and work. Even young bboys like Thesis have 7+ years under their belts. Bboying may be physical, but a lot is based on knowledge and attitude. Dope battle.
dang.. people only care about a few tricks and headspins? ): sorry palmer... sighduck... i thought that at least deserved a tie break technically, palmer was on fire. some dope footwork variations and he flowed really well.. frankie's power was dope and it was clean, but i thought he was sloppy and lacking on footwork and dancing. just my two cents. what about you guys?
It doesn't matter if its original or not. Its the level of difficulty. You dumbasses need to stop hating and get in the lab! Stupid e-boys. Palmer and frankie are mad dope! And one handed halos are done by many others. Not only rush! Get off koreas dick! Kevo, lil ivan, lil ceaser, steve, and many more!
WOAH WOAH WOAH calm the fuck down dude. You're only making yourself look immature. I'm not an eboy. I've been a BBOY for 3 years now. I've earned my stripes. But since you're being such a dick I really want to smoke you. Where are you from?
I agree with you to a point! Palmer WAS on fire as was Frankie.. BUT IMO.. A tie breaker would have been needed if Palmer had a stronger last round. I think that round cost him the battle! SICK BATTLE THO FOR BOTH! HELLA RESPECT!! peace
Get off niggas dicks!! lol that battle was dope!! palmer did his thing like always.but ma nigga FRANKIE!...WOW! i seen that dude when he was just doin six step.BEAST much props FAM! SUPREME BEINGS!!! -ReAcTiOn-
Either way it's similar and it doesn't matter how I say it son. Don't take it the wrong way yellowpaco Bboys from around the world do similar moves nobody's tryna call a bite on nobody. Leave it at that. Peace.
Palmer got jerked nasty yo. FrankieSB is dope and deserves more exposure, maybe this was it, but lets be real, Palmer beat him yo, those judges... wow, who was it again? KwikStep, Nasty Ray and who??
really? REALLY? wow i guess al fking powermovers are biters and un-original, i guess airtracks are boring. fk u, u eboy. and if u didnt notice, it WAS sarcasm
frankies nasty son supreme beings ftw but seriously it was really close palmer was dope i thought frankie took it by a slim margin
Honestly my opinion, i think frankie deserved the win, yeah it was a close battle and i really digged palmers 2nd round alot.
he kinda ran out after he lost like wtf i should have won and frankie went after him for a handshake
Doing a one handed isn't a bite homie. Get your facts straight. A lot of people do them.
the bboyspot didn't host the jam it was Breakfamous, Monk, Goofball, and Guerrilla WIll.
no, it does matter if its original, biting aint cool on any level homie.
@TimEo5 i know. born and others do it to but i saw rush do it lately
@nitoone I'm not supposed to feed the trolls. Oops, just fed one. ):
this palmer guy?? u make it sound like he new to the game homie lol
biter. hahah just kidding just kidding!!!! no disrespect intended.
making a halo into a one handed halo isnt original at all. sorry
This is one of the best bboy battles I've seen in a while!
rush is not the only one that does one handed halos..
@RandomNewb feed ur triceps with blow up grandpa`
frankie is biting rush with his one handed halo
you mean YOUR MOVE is similar to his.
dang just got inspired by these guys
Palmer one round one and three
For me Palmer rip that shit !
i loveeeeeee palmer's style

Smackdown Kid Style

My brother and sister and i r all fight for no reason.

Paul Mooney impression (Arlington improv.)

Lindsey Graham jokes about murdering Ted Cruz

The latest news about current events in the world. Syria, news, videos, Russia, Russia, the last war, today, aircraft, refugees, poor, barrage, Putin, President, ...

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the real cruz
LG you're a true POS I hope Karma bites you in the ass.

SKYBLOCK Minecraft [HD+] #003 - Japanporno? ♫ Let's Play Minecraft Skyblock

Minecraft Skyblock #003 ▻PLAYLIST: //goo.gl/GLljrq ▻Join the Xones: //goo.gl/P4VMHY ...

Mays High School football highlights

2011-2012 Mays High School highlights.

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mays should have beat Stephenson
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