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Windsor canada danny's Videos


Danny Mvg - Shine like a star

Canadian Rapper/ Windsor Ontario boy.

Danny Gatton & Buddy Emmons - Funhouse

Recorded in June 1988 at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA Videographer: Steve Gorospe www.dannygatton.com Danny Gatton - guitar Buddy Emmons - pedal ...

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You don't see the C6 neck used on pedal steel too very often. I have a Custom Sho Bud III that was used by Bobby Garrett and shared the stage with Roy Clark, Buddy Emmons and Merle Travis all at the same time. Buddy was playing "take off lead", with Travis playing lead, and who knows who was playing what else. Two legends of stringed instruments, and playing jazz on the C6! Way cool baby! I just wish the rest of these performances was available. All these Gatton Jazz bits are just shorts clips.
Blue angel was in 1969 and Ave Maria 1996 Also some songs to not miss where I beleive the magic of Chet shines:Tenderly-Chet Atkins In Three Dimensions(55)Piano Concerto In B-flat Minor-Mister Guitar(59)Whispering -Chet Atkins' Workshop(61)Exodus-Travelin(63)So rare-Progressive Pickin(64)Blue Angel- Hometown Guitar(69)Ave Maria-Almost alone(96) there is a link where you can listen to all Chet songs but I think youtube disable it so make a search with "freddie chet atkins" you'll find it.
Here's is my own evaluation of these three great players:Scotty Anderson is probably one of hardest guitar player to reproduce technically,fast,clean,methodic,versatile;Danny Gatton is one the hardest to reproduce in improvisation situation, extremely imaginative ,killer sound,versatile;Jimmy Bryant he's not as good as these two but he was there before them so, no Jimmy & Speedy,no Scotty and Danny.mmm nice ending!
Its just 2 of the all time, absolute greats... Where would the guitar community be without Jimmy Bryant, Jerry Reed, Chet, Hank Garland, Leon Rhoads and Danny just to name a few.. It goes without saying what Buddy has done for taking the steel guitar to such a brilliant level of playing... God bless them...
I think Gatton should have stop playing when the horns were playing to give it a breather.I mean the guitar sound on top of the horns is just a bit too much for me but hey that's me. Gatton to the horns and back to Gatton and so on but not everybody at the same time; it's too chaotic
Perhaps a point can be made with a comparison to Scotty Anderson, who might be considered a more complete, more controlled player than Danny. My point is that something is missing with that approach; the 'anything might happen' excitement, that Gatton brought to every show.
It,s great watching Danny at work,the way he comp,s behind other players is amazing.His use of inversions is a real lesson.I think he just has the ability to listen whats going on around him and use his guitar to the max to bring the song out.We all miss talent like Danny.
sorry but I love Danny Gatton & I also take offense when someone blurts out a mean spirited comment about someone so obviously talented & who cannot defend themselves as we all know Danny is gone. But so is your brain to say somethg so stupid
Danny played steel guitar as well. Check out his slide playing on guitar and you can see the steel influence in the way he holds the slide (or beer bottle). Clearly, he appreciates the complementary talents of Buddy to play off of.
omg this is the gig from the live CD Funhouse isn´t it? To all gatton fans you have to get this CD! I can´t tell how much i love it. And i´m sure every gatton fan will ;-) Just look at this video ---amazing
Thanks for your reply, I will look for it , hopefully I will discover another mentor. but for me it is hard to beleive that somebody that I never heard about will rise above mrs Guitar. But, I'll give a try.
astounding really..what a pleasure to have heard his music and see him play..kind of like being around a few hundred years ago and checking out liszt or pagannini ripping it up at the local bar..
They all great player but for pure player Chet Atkins is first on my list, listen to is performance on "Blue Angel" or "Ave Maria" and you'll understand what I mean.
that pedal-tone thing Danny does from 1:48 could wipe me out & conquer me, were I a weaker country in a war of ... music, being attacked by ... Colonel Gatton ...
If Danny wasn't the best ever, I wish I was this bad. This man was an Enigma.I mean where did he come up with all those incredible ideas on the fly man? Shit!!!
What a pleasant change to hear Danny playing with another talented musician - and to watch him watching the other guy play with such interest and delight.
you know who can really play is ray flacke tasty licks and tricks so many great players but i believe Mr. Gatton was, and still is, the boss

Danny Gatton - Track 5 - Taste of DC 1993

The late Danny Gatton and his amazing band perform at Taste of DC October 8, 1993. This track is a Sun Records medley sung by the late Billy Windsor.

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exactly one year , before Danny takes the way back home. We just love you Danny- R.I.P. 'till the day we will see eachother again. Ty for post this video./

AwkWordDan - Check The Rhime (Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest

AwkWord Dan Remix of A Tribe Called Quest's "Check The Rhime" Windsor, Ontario, Canada Facebook: Danny Matoski Twitter: @AwkWordDan Produced by ...

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Thankssss dude... friday more shits droppin !!

Danny Gatton - Guilty

Billy Windsor and Danny Gatton performing with The American Music Company Band in 1989 www.dannygatton.com.

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Oh, I entirely agree. My first exposure to Lenny was hearing him play the ballad "Days of Wine and Roses"; I was blown away. I had never heard anyone play like that before! As you say, there wasn't a raw note in it. Danny, however, loved contrast. In "Sleepwalk", he'd play the first sixteen bars sweetly, then in the bridge go into "telecaster frenzy", just ripping the fretboard up. Apples and oranges. They were both incomparable but different; we were lucky to have both!
@existentialcwby Miles Davies once asked Les Paul how he could become more popular - Les told him to record Blueberry Hill - or some such number. Miles declined. Danny did play popular numbers but, alas, with hacks (although I heard a number with Eva Cassidy.which was great) I think there is such a thing as a musician's musician and perhaps - more specifically - a guitarist's guitarist. .It could be that the ears of the hoi poloi are made out of tin.
Both their parents were musicians. Danny loved rockabilly, but I don't consider that ROCK. Lenny played great flamenco, which Danny didn't go near to. What they did have in common was that they played their guitars like they were other instruments: piano, sax, B3 organ, harp. Both totally two of a kind. Danny could make you laugh one minute, and cry the next. But you know: the true test of a guitarist is how he he plays ballads. Both excelled!
Family meant a lot to him, and he loved them. Money problems might have played a part. He seemed to be a jolly fellow, but Danny probably had his inner demons that most of us were ignorant of. Lenny & Danny ... the BEST, no doubt. Lenny was so innovative...played the guitar like a piano. Great as he was, I'd rather listen to Danny. Ethereal at times. His drummer swore he heard God come out his Fender!
I was thinking mostly about the country and jazz influences. My rock remark wasn't about rock with a capital 'R', more a reference to some of Danny's tone/volume/effect choices being more on the 'power' side of possibilities than anything Lenny ever chose. Danny's most gentle moments were often charged with hard biting tones , while Lenny's most powerful moments were still somewhat lilting.
I have the Living Room tapes CD, too. Isn't it a blast? I've never heard Lenny play better. But get this: Brad Terry, who played clarinet on the CD, comes from the same city as me, Stamford, CT. In fact, he used to drive the school bus when I was in the 6th grade!!! How about THAT for a conincidence! I called him up and told him, 50 years later, and he almost fainted!!
Master Collector: Right, "Unfinished Business". It was his first album after a long layoff (he had put his hand through a window and tore tendons in his wrist). But you're right. Some of his live albums like "Redneck Jazz Explosion" and his last (mostly jazz) are brilliant. You know, I listen to masters like George Van Eps, but they are so unexciting compared to Danny!
Yeah, that's the sick joke, sorry again. I'm sure there were personal/psychological issues besides his stalled career, but being the best ever & still hustling bar gigs has to be major factor. Do we all have to be sell-outs just to live? Danny, Roy, Lenny Breau,(Danny's Favorite, murdered, scuffling most of his career)...what does it take to be real and survive too?
True, Lenny was definitely more "serious" than Danny, who could make you laugh out loud when he played certain things. I know Danny's drummer spoke about hearing God come out of his amp, that Danny had God's hands. I've heard it. That's what made Danny unique: he could break you up one minute, and produce ethereal music the next. There will never be another.
"Radio Man" is hilarious, and shows a side of Lenny that he doesn't show often. "Nit Pickin", as you observe, is similar with a wide variety of styles. I think it is brilliant, but Danny dismisses it as nonsense! I'll have to look up that CD you mention, sounds great. Even mediocre Danny is better than any guitarist alive or dead (except Lenny!).
Lenny could be plenty powerful. Listen to his solo album. And Danny could play his Tele with harp-like beauty (but differently than Lenny's harp). I don't feel that power/technique was the essential distinguishing difference. How they approached music was. Danny always seemed to be having fun when he played; Lenny was more studious.
Another thing ...Rolling Stone's editorial staff has been smoking too much crack to rank people like Slash-Van Halen-Dimebag Darrell-and Randy Rhoads ahead of this guy. Just how the Hell do you compare these guys to someone like Danny Gatton? Danny Gatton should make the top 25 of any greatest guitarists of all time list.
Redneck Jazz Explosion is the Cellar Door gig, but I don't have lenny and danny playing together (though I know they did). Funny, but I can't imagine lenny and danny playing together, with their differing approaches to playing guitar. But both were so versatile, I guess they managed!!
In a world where rapping, sampling, dancing, and looking cute in skimpy outfits are the keys to success, being the best guitarist doesn't count for much. pardon my sick sense of humor, but if gatton were alive today, and checked out the music scene, he'd kill himself.
It's funny: Danny and Lenny have so many influences in common, but styles that are completely different... Probably because rock is not one Lenny's shared interests. I believe that they could have played their hearts out together and never been in each other's way.
Danny DID kill himself in 1994. Probably because he was the best, and he knew it, but only a few dedicated Washington, DC musicians knew about him. It was partially his fault, though. He was TOO good; only those with extremely educated ears would dig him!
And his CD of the same name. Danny plays it all, better than anyone before of since. Two exquisite ballads, tributes to Les Paul, Roy, and Charlie Christian, fiddle tunes, lap steel, etc. You name it, Danny does it! This is my favorite album by Danny!

Danny Gatton - Country Girl (Live on ACL 1992)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Gatton , Billy Windsor - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar, John Previti - Bass, Bill Holoman - Keyboards / Sax / Trumpet / Vocals, ...
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