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Windsor canada kkk Videos

k3 group - windsor canada,summer olympics 2008

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This aint the klan thats a bunch of inbred nigger lobing chinks

Rabblerousers - K.K.K. klansman

late 90's Canadian Streetpunk.

Paul Fromm, Aryan Guard and the KKK

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@totenkopf8318 And so? Some how a flag from 1965 is going to impress me? My grandfather, my uncles and my father fought against tyranny. You think I am going to worship a flag. No way. I stand for human rights, not flags, or anthems or statues. I fight for ideas, not symbols. I want freedom from the tyranny of capitalism and national socialism. Give me liberty! On a personal basis, you seriously need help. See a psychologist and talk about what is important to you. Get that right first.
@whitepridewolrdwide You are so funny! Do you know Paulie like I know Paulie? Did you know he was fired as a school teacher? Have you heard him speak? If you think racism is cool, what inspiring thing as Paulie ever said that you can quote that supports your view? No. Not one thing. He hides behind others ever time. Grow up and get an original idea. Think for your self. What is it that you think is right and why.
Fuck Left wing politics. Thats all you fucks can say '' he likes to present himself as such and such, your fucking right hes a professional, its only your perspective that hes not. They had a Red ENSIGN flag you know what that is you stupid fuck?>its the original canadian flag from 1965,
Fuck racists, fuck the KKK, fuck every dumb fucking hick who failed his highschool science class and doesn't realize that race has no correlation (or causation for that matter) to any behavioral or intelligence traits. Dumb asses, get out of my city, and my country.
Hold on... That video is Victoria? That's right near the Tim Hortons!.. Wish I'd seen that... Those assholes don't belong in my city. Makes me so angry.
@MrSmibby Of course! People who break the law should be locked up. Let's get the police on this so we have a place that is safe for everyone.
paul fromm is a great man and should be respected buy you uneducated fuck heads
All it takes is entering Paul's name into Google to see what a jackass he is.

KKK Empire (s.)

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BLACK POWER AND WHITE POWER FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!! I support that !
Piece of shit

KKK Clantreffen 2009 Compilation

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was ein geiler Clan, bin froh dabei gewesen zu sein. Hoooooooooooooooooooseeeee

Duck Hunt: The Untold KKK Clubhouse Story

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