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Windsor canada medical school Videos

Medical Mannequins No Dummies

Judy Bornais, of the University of Windsor School of Nursing, talks about the blinking mannequins students use to hone their skills.

Dr. Roger Strasser, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada

The Social Mission of Medical Education to Achieve Health Equity.

University of Windsor

Sally Bick - School of Music Lisa Porter - Department of Biological Sciences.

Trinity School of Medicine - Residence Video

Made in April, 2015 for incoming students at the time. As a disclaimer then, it's not up to date. For instance, as of Feb 2016 it doesn't include Dells at Canash or ...

Education: City of Windsor Community Videos 2009

City of Windsor Community Videos, Chapter 5: Education. Courtesy of eLocalLink. To see more of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, visit www.citywindsor.ca.

Barbershop Quartet Surprise Valentine's Day Songs

Valentine's Day was extra special for some lucky people in the Windsor/Essex County area. Each received a singing telegram and one red rose. The singers are ...
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