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Windsor canada sites Videos

Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor | Explore these 3 sites!

Windsor, Ontario Part 3

Just a few more sites and attractions of Windsor, Ontario.

Meet Lisa Lipton a.k.a FRANKIE, Neighbourhood Spaces Artist-in-Residence

Visual artist, musician and director, Lisa Lipton a.k.a. FRANKIE, kicks off the 2013-2014 artist-in-residence line up for Neighbourhood Spaces (NS) Windsor ...

Windsor Ruins Aerials

The ghostly remains of what was and remains the largest mansion in Mississippi. Built around 1860, it was 30 years later an afternoon fire consumed the entire ...

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Love the Windsor ruins!
gotta get me one of them quadcopters

Windsor Virtual Tour

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Great Video!

The Windsor Star

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Is that WIND?
No this is the HAARP weapon, agent of disease, in action, the power lines are large and could power a city ! so why a generator ? this engine was installed a very long time ago, at that time Hitler had BMW experimenting with engine NOISE weapons, Infrasonic pressure wave weapons, or infrasound care to check their log books on this engine

Plenipotentiary Tenders Turtle Island Contract PT 4 9 9 15wmv

Application of a model-based observer to DC-DC buck converter.

This video shows the performance of a proposed model-based observer for the DC-DC buck converter. The methodology could be applied to other types of ...
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