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Dancers Making a Difference | October 24, 2015

Dormover: 15 Dorm Room Design Tips

Meg teams up with designer Christiane Lemieux and Wayfair to show you how to make a high design dorm room that works for any age and budget. Thank you ...

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Loving this still #homeslice
Me too boo! ME TOOOO!
The idea of creating "zones" is so perfect for a tiny dorm room!
Agreed! It helps you utilize every inch of space.
Most dorms would NEVER have room for all that. Zones?! Yeah there's space for ONE tiny narrow zone. And many don't allow coffee machines or any cooking appliances. But thanks for the wall ideas.
+Life Popsicle Everything looks way bigger on camera and you can create zones in ANY small space. Thank goodness we gave you 15 ideas to choose from!
Looked at the site... Maybe you think it's affordable, but everyone I know can barely afford college tuition (for a community college or state school, private university isn't even an option) and books, and don't have the money for pricey decor. This video is purely for the girl whose parents are loaded and pay for her private university tuition, car, books, apartment, and stuff like this. I'm so sick of seeing videos about "being on a budget" made by people who don't know what it's like to actually have to make financial sacrifices. 
I can relate and appreciate your feedback. Sometimes I'll be doing collabs where the set up is a little different, and I'll try something new. Even if the collab asks for items that cost money, I have and will ALWAYS make sure that I give you as much creative content as I can. Hopefully the 15 design tips could do that!
I really enjoyed this video...as a renter it's nice to pick up on some non permanent decorating ideas. Thanks so much
+Claire Bradford I am so glad you got some helpful take-aways for your rental!
This is way more versatile than any dorm I've been in. Bookshelves? Bed on the floor? The ability to separate into several areas. Relatively nice furniture? What did you break down all the dorm furniture, move it out, and replace it? My school would never have let me do that. However, fun video.
We created a more versatile "scenario" to bring you as many ideas as we could. I know the rules vary from dorm to dorm, but ours is pretty lax:)
That room us giant. My room at home is half that size.
It's also only 3-sided with no ceiling so you might need to use a little imagination:)
This is really good inspiration but it's impossible for any regular student in a teeny tiny dorm room and a limited budget... It's kind of pretentious 
Also it only has 3 walls and no ceiling so use your imagination a little bit.
It was about 200 square feet, I believe, which is the average size. Letting the room be for just one person made it possible for us to bring you the maximum amount of design tips, ideas, and examples that we could fit into one small space. I hope you can find some inspiring and helpful ideas that you can bring to your room!

Complete Common Core OCC listening session 11/10/15 (audio enhanced)

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Thumbs up.. Thanks for sharing..
+Shiny Knife (Give away open) You're very welcome my friend
Thanks for sharing Howard!
+TheMultiGunMan You're very welcome
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