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Ferrari fxx hd wallpaper Videos

(HD) Ferrari FXX at Fiorano: Screaming V12 Flybys!

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loud love it
Me too :D
How fast this fxx??
About 217 to 220 mph

Ferrari FXX K 2015 - Trailer

Trailer of The Ferrari FXX K 2015 © Ferrari Images, Specifications, Videos and The Official Introduction of The Ferrari Ferrari FXX K 2015 ONLY at the link below!

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Trailer of The Ferrari FXX K 2015 © Ferrari Images, Specifications, Videos and The Official Introduction of The Ferrari Ferrari FXX K 2015 ONLY at the link below! https://wp.me/P3mbd1-4pv

Street-legal Ferrari FXX by EDO Competition

EDO modifies the FXX to be street-legal: //www.streetdrift.net/2008/09/edo-competition-makes-ferrari-fxx.html Images: ...

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Why would u modify the FXX to make it street-legal? I don't know, but did the car actually lose power? if so it was stupid. What were the modifications?
The beast is finally made street legal!! Cheers to edo competition!

Ferrari FXX K sound (Finali Ferrari 2014)

Ferrari FXX K Driver: Raffaele De Simone Finali Ferrari 2014 - Abu Dhabi.

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Pazzesca. (Anche se quei "backfire" in rilascio non sono ammissibili su una vettura di questo livello)
This is far beyond extraordinary, I don't know what to say. Can't wait for the lap times.

"Stile Ferrrari" - "Ferrari" FXX K - "The making of" - "Italian Excellence"

"Stile Italia Tv" presents the "Making Of" the fantastic Ferrari FXX K. "Stile Ferrari" and "Italian Excellence" are programs of "Stile Italia Tv" and "Leisury Channel"

Who Is The Stig?

Who is The Stig on the BBC program, Top Gear? We shall never know for sure... We know that the Stig is NOT Michael Schumacher, he just took the role for the ...

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Just before Michael Shumacher was interviewed, "The Stig" drove a Ferrari FXX lap which dominated all other lap times. This car is near priceless and should only be put in the hands of a Ferrari specialist. I did some research and found all of this on several websites including Wikipedia.
yeah, ive heard many rumors on who people think the stig is. Damon Hill and Ben Collins seem to be a popular thought. I don't think it could be Ben Collens because he had already appeared on Top Gear as himself in an early episode. Keep coming with the suggestions.
I think they use multipul stigs. They keep one stig to test cars around the track. And maybe hire in other people to be the stig ie for the F1 car and stuff like that
Speculation might say that he is Ben Collins (who is a former GT driver). He has been interviewed about it and denies it. So, nobody knows for sure.
IT IS NOT MICHAEL SHUMACHER!!!! He was the only one allowed to drive the Ferrari FXX. The Stig's identity has still not been confirmed,
It was lewis Hamilton when they went to Africa, you could see he had dark skin, but they have had about 4 Stigs as far as I can see..
its the same guy thts a current/retired F1 driver i doubt it different guys just for the sake of consistency on the power laps
it was lewis hamilton just after they killed the perry guy then he went to formula 1 so it will be some one else after that
some times he looks thinner and some times he has more stomech and stronger body shape. think the stig is difrent persons.
i think its Helio Castroneves just cause of the tax evasion charges that went nowehere. Maybe i'm way off base.
chuck norris is the stig. nah just kidding. to me the stig is mika häkkinen or any other former f1 driver
It's Ben Collins :) i read that yesterday BBC dont want him anymore because he revealed his identity
Damon Hill had aswell though, but we know he can drive a formula 1 car, watch the stigs birthday
I don't care who is he, but I'm sure that his helmet and uniform are so cool...
NO no NO no NO its not its ben collins its never ever ever been lewis hamilton
the stig is clearly the lord of the rings with the terminator's body
The stig is Ben Collins from america drives nascar normaly i think
its more interesting when we don t know who is the stig.XD
Its michael Shumacher! watch?v=ifrtlC4NTys&feature=fvst
most would agree that he is a former formula 1 driver..
stig is not micky sumacher he is f1 driver i think XD
Feel free to comment about who you think The Stig is!
who gives a fuck who the stig is he one coooool mofo
haha, yeah.. he's not much of a speaking person ^^
It's the TERMINATOR with the balls of RAMBO...
Dont you guys get it! the sting is a machine!
The Stig is in fact a Super High-Tech Robot
He's my father !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAD !
Well, my guess would be Raikkonen. :)
Ben Collins among other drivers...
I now one thing the racing is mad
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