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College Station Tennis Video

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Pool Shock and Brake Fluid at College Station -2

same as before. less smoke. more fire.

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with higher u do get a shit load of smoke.. went out to my dads land and made some iprosiced bombs for fun out of a blackcat(to puncture bag of shock treatment), leat pipe with 2 ends, was a huge boom, but it was fun
the cheapest kind, DOT 3 I think. It has the lowest temperature rating. If you use a higher grade you might get more smoke and less flame maybe?

Pool Shock and Brake Fluid at College Station - 1

My roommate and I mix 68% calcium hypochlorite pool shock salt with brake fluid to activate the rapid depolymerization of polyalkaline glycol ethers and the ...

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The gas products that burn are short hydrocarbon chains and their alcohols. Propane, propanol, butane, butanol etc. The harmful part of the product is that the cloud contains particulates of the reducing agent, calcium hypochlorite, so if you breath the cloud you breath in small amounts of bleach. I did this experiment for national chemistry week at my university. It is pretty safe.
It's been a while since I studied this reaction, but I beleive that the limiting reagent is the brake fluid. So we mixed 1 tbsp brake fluid with 1 teaspoon pool shock... I think. What you really have to pay attention to is air humidity, on a rainy day, this reaction can take up to 25 minutes to get going
...hm-mm, parking lot chemistry is indeed a lot of fun... However, the release of [free] chlorine... can make it all the more interesting and fun- especially if the chlorine takes on a more entertaining form: That of phosgene gas...!! ... ... .
That is such a waste of calcium hypochlorite, you can turn it into an oxidising chemical for a real explosion, you can turn it into flash powder with a bit of Aluminium and Sulphur.
very nice. quite good with no deadly biproducts like the chlroine gas produced in the reaction resulting from the mixture of chlorine and brake fluid.
Heh, watch out. College Station is a cupcake town. The police have nothing better to do other than to look for people exploring any aspect of science.
what doesn't produce chlorine gas? I could be wrong but i though that when you mix chlorine with brake fluid the reaction produces chlorine gas?
Mix that pool.shock with ammonia sulfate and add a touch of watch and stand back. It looked like a meth lab blew up in my back yard
Try HTH(Chlorine) with Wood preservative very fast reaction be careful
Face shields? √ Protective clothing? √ Protective foot ware? √
I know what you mean, hypothetically speaking of course.
u can edit off like 2 mins of this video plz
wow get a life and get off the sword
double Wadsworth constant....
*Citizen of the world* lol
nice safety gear

Super Smash Bros Club

Georgia College's New Station.

GCSU Flash Mob!

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Thanks! It was a lot of fun!
Sweet video!

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Taste the pain bitch!

Sister Hazel Interview

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