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College station kqed Videos

Mining the Internet with Jenny Odell | KQED Arts

San Francisco artist Jenny Odell uses various secondhand imagery to render our built environment otherworldly and strange. Check out more on our website: ...

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Brilliantly creative and talented - great work!!

Freeway Philharmonic | KQED Truly CA

Freeway Philharmonic | Truly CA Season 3 //ww2.kqed.org/trulyca/freeway-philharmonic/ Freeway Philharmonic captures the dedication, perseverance, and ...

KQED (1987)

Taken from "One Village In China".

Loving the Family a Mission Mediarts Film aired on KQED TV in 1970

Dedicated to: My Mother Aklima and Aunt Lina strong and beautiful women. Thank you for bring me into the world and giving me a family and community.

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Wow, absolutely Priceless!! Very sad to watch this and think of the non family like atmosphere and type of people that are in the mission today, I get choked up when I do. I was born in the General Hospital and grew up near thirtieth street. I remember these beautiful times. Thank you Ray 
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