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Gas station college point ny Videos

OBNOXIOUS GAS in College Point, August 2007

Believe it or not, this is a 20 song set. And that's why we love them so.

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these boys all viciously gang raped me before this was shot
Jay Decay sez you seduced him. Kept licking his drumsticks.
Use a condom!
I came!

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Gas Station Part #1

The only Frank Lloyd Wright designed gas station ever to be built was constructed in Cloquet Minnesota. Located on the edge of an expansive wilderness area, ...

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station features on the cover of the current PetrolWorld Magazine Publication Autumn Winter 2012
The music and logging/small north land town references give the video a subtle David Lynch feel to it.
Does anyone know what the song is and who plays it? I love the bass line!
Woah I live in Cloquet and drive by it every day...

Gas Station Idiot, Shopping, and Filming! {3.28.15}

Meep. #SaphDaily Send me a letter! PO Box Number: SaphiraFashion 3940 Laurel Canyon #1465, Studio City, CA 91604 Online Store: ...

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You never did a mom tag over winter break?!? 
+Kara Reed MommyFashion is a major procrastinator.
i dont think its right for you to say the gas station man helped you because of your shorts. maybe he was being nice and saw you needed help :/ its so unfair how if a boy/man trys to help you its because of what your wearing or sexual harassment. 
oh you could have said that :/ but i still enjoyed the vlog :)
I completely agree, but you would need to have seen it to understand.  He was just sitting there staring at me the whole time (in a creepy way) and then he helped me.
Saph, are you sure that the guy just came because you were wearing short shorts? You can't call him an idiot if you're not sure. But anyway, this vlog was so cute and I loved it!
Oh!  I wasn't calling him an idiot.  I was calling myself an idiot since I am so awful at getting gas haha <3
+caroline schulz 1.

R2-D2 cold as hell! at a GAS STATION in NEW YORK!!!!

yeah it was b4 a show and we had to get gas!!! This seems to happen whenever we stop.....for anything!! LOL.

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Ya'll was in my Town, and aint cawl no body! I shud come to Boston and Eat! lol, Much Love Tho! *SnowNasty*
Ya'll look hella cold! Ya'll got down tho

New Jersey Man Claims DMX Robbed Him at a Gas Station

DMX might be in trouble with the law again. Police are investigating a New Jersey man's claims that the rapper and his entourage robbed him of his cash at a ...

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I wonder why X would continue robbing like he use to and not stay clean if this is true I do not know but if it is X needs to be put somewhere where he can be watched and if it is not true the media needs to leave him the hell alone.
They stay trying to tear the dog down man i hope ge be Aight u got my prayers X babyyyy

Color video of 1940s 76 gas station

Rare color video of a 76 gas station in the 1940s on the WW2 home front. Gas station attendants are all women.

Unarmed Man Shot At Gas Station By Trigger Happy Officer (Live Footage)

Please Leave A Comment About What you think transpired...Was The Officer In The wrong Or Was He Justified?

Spring Valley gas station fire caused by delivery truck

A Coca-Cola delivery truck hit a gas pump at a Mobil gas station on Route 59 on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013, igniting a fire that forced the closure of the road at the ...
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