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College station t mobile Videos

T Mobile Advert 2009 Full Version HQ

T Mobile full advert made in Liverpool Street Station. 8 months of hard work.

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to topgear100: yes it is. you know damn right. to THEKAIBAGIRL: They are after us you fucking idiot. Save Jon Stewart, he's our most important jew. And also you answered your own question within your response: "really who put that most idiotic stupid idea in your head." You go on to answer your own question within your comment, "ya i admit there are some who are bad..." THERE YOU FUCKING GO YOU DUMB BITCH, THATS WHY THAT IDIOTIC STUPID IDEA WAS PUT INTO HIS HEAD. CAUSE SOME FUCKS IS BAD. CUNT.
I wash the world should be like this, no discrimination, no differences of cast and creed, every one should have love and affection and respect for each other, so they feel full confidence in them because of no more insecurity around them, but foresee secured prosperous life in perspective and whemently start dancing when ever he/she feels happiness, very much like that. I liked that idea of brain wash for goodness, keep it up!
I love these adverts and they make me really smile and feel happy, what I find a little upsetting though is it would take something like this to happen for people to start smiling at each other and actually take notice to the person next to you, why do we need something like this to start talking to the person next to us. These really are wonderfull adverts for the simple fact of brining people together.
This is awesome! I wish we could all do this randomly but I like The Sound of Music one in Belgium Central Station better ^^ I think the change of music in this one detracted from the movement. But I'm probably just being picky coz you cant beat 'Do Re Mi' =P Great vid anyway
1. Lulu - Shout 2. Yazz - The Only Way Is Up 3. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha 4. Johann Strauss - The Blue Danube 5. Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It 6. Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone 7. Millie Small - My Boy Lollypop 8. The Contours - Do You Love Me
let's just say that this explains why FUNDAMENTALIST religions, of whatever stripe have typically objected to dancing---it brings people together rather than dividing them based on who is or is not "the chosen" or "the elect."
@chantelynn86 i seriously did not see them. i was watching the dancers on the ground floor. i was quite literally :O. 21 dislikes. Who the hell would dislike this?? some ppl dont like fun things.
I even spotted miss emma devees ( she taught/choreographed the dance ) at 0.49 right down center , black pants black hat , long blond hair light colored top .......total babe.....
Lol!!! You mean tmobile organised this????!! I watch it so many time, love it but thought tmobile bought ad space not organise it…..soooooooo random..
The highlight of this video has to be at 2:00 the look on that lady's face is absolutally, PRICELESS, bless her she looks like shes having a ball!
Wouldn't you just LOVE to be walking through the station and have THIS happen about you???!!! WONDERFUL, Happy, Can't stop smiling!
@retart441 This (Liverpool Street) was the original. It was then repeated in other countries in slightly different formats.
amazing man to see this vison hey ..beautiful people doin things to make our day happy'er wonderful ...pls tell all
This is one those rare advertisement media gems you come across once in a while :) does put a smile on your face.
I love the ending the best, how they all just carry on as normal like nothing happened :L best advert in history!
@calahoon22 It wasnt there idea at all, its pretty much Improve everywheres entire life into one comercial.

The T-Mobile Dance Advert High Quality - Liverpool Street Station Channel 4 Special Ad 2009

Brilliant dance advert at Liverpool Street Station during rush hour.

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Staged? Really? Do you think so? I was sure that all these people just HAPPENED to be in the station, and when the music began playing they all just HAPPENED to be able to dance together in unison. And then there just HAPPENED to be multiple professional cameras there to shoot all this as it occurred. And then, amazingly, it was possible to turn the entire event into a commercial.
i work on t mobile and a little boy got through to my friend the other day and said i only called cos i like your music and wanted to see if it was the same as the music from the advert, bless him he wanted her to put him back in queue to listen to more music and i said no so he said ok ill just call you back then ha ha i can see his parents havin a high phone bill
Now Thats What I Call An Advert (Volume 1) 1 Lulu - Shout 0:20 (1964) 2 Yazz - The Only Way Is Up 0:35 (1988) 3 Pussycat Dolls - Dontcha 0:46 (2007) 4 Strauss - Blue Danube Waltz 1:02 (1867) 5 Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It 1:27 (1981) 6 Rainbow - Since You Been Gone 1:37 (1979) 7 Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop 1:45 (1964) 8 Contours - Do You Love Me 1:59 (1962)
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Well, of course it is obvious to most, but people actually think these people all just started dancing and knew all the same moves etc. That is what I was commenting on. So if I wasn't referring to you, why did you need to comment.
Speaking as an ex-commuter I think that they should do this EVERY morning and bring a smile to the faces of those poor, weary travelers. I would have loved it when I used to schlep out of Waterloo on the 18.05
What a GREAT response to a tense/humdrum/boring/stressful/blurr of your day. It would be great to have it happen occasionally, unknown to the public. Talk about Stress relief! Thanks, T-Mobile!
I forgot to say that I know that the work behind the scenes to make a success of this kind of "stunt" can mean lots of sleepless nights for those involved. Well done to everyone! ;)
I was just thinking of this video, and upon re-watching realized this was filmed at London Liverpool - which has just become my usual commuting station. It made it all better!
how meny people was in on it ..i think about 200+ people... in rush hour.. talk about taking the piss people had to be some where this only slow'd them down ..lol class ad
I was there! Not in shot I don't think, but they filmed it about 3 or 4 times (I saw it at 10.50 and 11.20), and it did cheer me up somewhat!
I must have watched this... at least 20 times. A stroke of genius. Well done to whoever had the idea, and thanks for putting this online.
Oh wow! I wouldn't have noticed unless you pointed it out, thank you for using your holmesian skills of deduction to enlighten us all.
i was there!!!! i came in the station herd music and i just smiled and watched :D was on side rails. too bad cant see myself :P
obviously staged. The people dancing are plants and perhaps some actual observers join in. and they there are reaction shots
wow!!! i so wish i was there!!! they should do one in reading station at about 3.35pm, although it might be a bit small...

T-Mobile Dance Advert (Awesome)

T-Mobile Dance advert at Liverpool street train station.

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BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Sheeple. Get together for brain tumors, but screw the homeless, and sick, the wars.
@PopcornAndGum Annnd why I wanna move there. :D
This is why England is awesome. :D
awesome! nice one for the upload
the first flash mob
thats so cute

The Day London Sang - The Story of the Sing-along

An exclusive look at how the T-Mobile Sing-along unfolded in Trafalgar Square, including unseen footage of Pink before her performance.

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@westlondongang yes true as it may be that 13,500 is a small amount, BUT!!! i doubt you or anyone else can get that same amount or higher full of random strangers to partake and have some fun with each other you have to admit that this is a giant accomplishment and a huge step in togetherness with random strangers think about it!
is there a reason we cant do this kind of stuff in america oh yeah were all to busy with our lives to care to do something like this. This is the coolest video ever.
Rubbish, they only used 160 mics! the rest were all fakes! The real mics were only given to people who were willing to give their phone numbers and contact details.
@MusicalTalent1234 im sure people knew what was happening :p but it was still so great i wish i had gone :(( didnt think that many people would have come :D
@kingjowl That was my first thought about the mics, but hey, It's T-Mobile. They probably made all the money they lost in a couple of days :P
I love the way nobody knew what was happening and they just started singing and being jolly, :), I wish every day could be like this.
interesting to watch the preparation, the event plus pink being nervous and the feedback afterwards. great job! just amazing ...
@chris321meins lol maybe they don't nazis turning to their events :P..germany never represented togetherness sorry
yes ,true, a german company, but LONDON is the WORLD MUSIC CAPITAL !that is why they do it in uk !
t-mobile always do such events in UK....why not in germany? - it's an german company!
as sanmui1 said ....anyone know the name of the song at the start???
T-Mobile make good ads. The people in them make them great.
Everyday should be like this! life would be a full blast!
I was there that day, and it was an amazing experience!
Haha Fab, Makes People Come Together And Have Fun :)
All them mic's went straight to ebay...lol

Qik - Mobile video by jaime v jr

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