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Odessa college apparel Videos

Odessa College Agriculture-How to make a horsehair bracelet

In this video I will show you how to make a bracelet using horse hair. Things you need: Horse Tail Hair (SHAMPOOED) Artist wire (thickness is optional) A clasp ...

Cops Acting Tough And Getting Scared

This one is pretty funny. There was some type of incident at a club across the street from Odessa College on Andrews Hwy, which ended up with all sorts of cops ...

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Nothing better to do than sit around and record people. Get a life!
What were the cops doing? Sitting around and not recording people, all the while charging you for the honor.
Was this a police response or a Weight Watchers meeting?
Love it lol
This was soooo lame. Change the title
+Will Peoples For real what a waste of fucking time. Hey lets film fat pigs from 20 miles away and upload it, great inspiring work your doing there
Does your camera have a small red light that comes on when you hit record? I was wondering if he spotted that or just you standing there. I only ask because I don't own a cell phone camera or a hand-held camera.
+steveo288 then get one
LOL, the fat one keeps staring you down. FAT FUCK!
Which fat one?

Odessa-Montour Little Shop of Horrors March 2012 - Orin - "I am a dentist" song - Manley Gavich

Odessa-Montour High school's Spring Musical 2012 - Little Shop of Horros. Manley Gavich is playing the role of Orin - the sadistic dentist. This is a clip from the ...

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I love you Manley!

Odessa - New Album 4/28

ODESSA has unveiled April 28th as the release date for her anxiously awaited self-titled full-length debut, ODESSA [Chop Shop/Republic Records].

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went to lees palace in toronto for lone bellow found odessa just love the voice i cant wait for your album see you next year come during summer lol

Incredible video of caribou floating on ice flow in Yukon

caribou lou tech n9ne caribou caribou odessa odessa caribou tech n9ne dysfunctional caribou lou lyrics tech nine lil wayne eminem pixies caribou caribou sun ...

Miss Teen Ukraine-World 2010 Final Show

(Eng) The Final Gala show of the National Beauty Pageant "Miss Teen Ukraine-World 2010" took place on the stage of the concert-hall "Sadi Pobedi", Odessa ...

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Miss Teen Ukraine-World 2010 (report by Luxury Place)

The Final Gala show of the National Beauty Pageant "Miss Teen Ukraine-World 2010" took place on the stage of the concert-hall "Sadi Pobedi", Odessa on ...

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what's the name of the beautiful blond interviewer.
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