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Suffolk university basketball court Videos

"There are games you shouldn't miss." PSA from the Mass. Council on Compulsive Gambling

March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the warning signs of problem gambling, and that ...

Suffolk Men's Basketball Press Conference. February 19, 2015

Suffolk signs Luke Giuffrida as part of Team Impact.


KJ Farfan got invited this year to attend University of Kentucky Basketball Camp. UK is one of KJs favorite Colleges. It was an amazing experience for KJ to tour ...

User Comments

dude this kid is a nobody i dont give a fuck who he is, where he been or he been interview with there's is one kidd in this world that started playing when he was 2 and it cody jordan and still continues to play, if your saying im hating PLZZZ why would i hate on a 6 year old im 13 im black women playing ball, 6'1 and do slam dunks when i play competitive ball i could touch and 8 foot net when i was 4 so KJ nothing, AND THIS IS NO LIE!!!!!
this is so gross of the parents. The kids has his own logo and is referred to as the king. He is good and nobody can take that away from him .. he's a ball hog and nobody will ever want to play with a kid who thinks he's better than everyone .. he is going to be burnt out by high school and on drugs from the fall out of the pressure caused by the parents ... its sad
and i think CODY JORDAN should have the opportunity than kj kj is so ungrateful he dont even take the time to give a pair of shoes to give to the poor, there is a lot of little kid i know that can play ball as good as him and cant afoot to get a good par o nike shoes or jordans just sad kj just sad, you should really change your ways
real talk destiny i hear u. this kid ain shit lol. parents are in for a rude awakening when he hit high school and hit a brick wall. thousands of better lil kids out there see it erryday
shut the hell you couldn't no rim and yes you are hating on a 7yr old and it's just sad and i can bet my life you can't dunk no ball especially in a game
oooo like i sedd on da last video lil man is better den me and im in da 11th grade lol sad to say hahahah but keep doin ya thang
It's funny when the other kids are struggling to dribble between their legs and KJ is doing it like its no big deal.
WHAT THE FUCK! this makes me feel like shit hahahha but at the same time amazes the crap outa me WOW #AMAZING
dang im12 and i took me 10 yrs to dribble inbetween my legs.im a boss wit my handles now though
Keep workin' hard little dude. Looks like you're gonna have a bright future.
just wondering? how tall is he supposed to be? or how tall are his parents?
Make sure he sticks with it. Maybe one day I could watch him play at Rupp..
you lyin,you know you could not touch no 8ft rim when u was 4
I can do that and I play With 7 the graders and I'm ten
it looks like he grew since the last time i saw him
I went to this camp and saw KJ, he's unbelievable!
hell ya i love his dribbling skills awsome
who knows the first music in this video?
does he play with a regulation size ball

Ipswich Basketball Women vs Anglia Ruskin Uni- 08/11/2014 HIGHLIGHTS

Some highlights of the Ipswich Basketball Women's game on Saturday the 8th Nov 2014 at Copleston Centre against Anglia Ruskin University. 53-48 to Ipswich.
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