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Triplets 2nd Birthday - 2012

Our triplets turned two! It went so fast. We do wish we could rewind and let it by a little slower.

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Beautiful family. My twins are such little INSANE divas (just turned 3 on the 2nd), slapping me, telling me to go away, not kiss them in places sometimes..like I am unworthy. Boy does that ever hurt. What happened to my sweeties? My boys were all good and good sleepers to boot, all 3 of my girls bad to the bone divas with sleep issues till this very day, but i love them more than life itself so I know the headaches are worth it. You have 3 beautiful children. God bless x's3. Thanks 4 sharing!
Thank you for sharing your story and those beautiful little babies with us! You are so very blessed! The way that you two interact in your videos ...throughout your pregnancy, is so dear!!! It makes it clear that through any hard times you may experience in your life together -always remember your strength as a couple. It is very healthy, harmonious, humorous, loving and patient. Definitely something to recognize and cherish as very special. Call on that strength that God has blesse
Oh thank you and God Bless your little family! I just lost my mother and buried her yesterday. Haven't slept much so am spending random time on YouTube. I know I was meant to just happen upon your video journal. Your journey and 3 precious little rewards have brought joy to my heart! You are amazing parents and the constant smiles of your babes prove that! Thank you! I have been reminded of the necessary cycle of life.
What an amazing journey! My husband and I are having our appointment tomorrow to begin our first IVF treatment. I was having so many doubts before watching your journey, but after watching all of your videos, it gave me hope and made me realized that everything can be possible by having faith in God. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such intimate moments with us. God bless
hi my name is yisell and it was beautiful all your videos, sorry because my english is not good, but i would like to tell you, that i wish you the best,you are a beautiful family, i love all the videos , iam 31 and iam just waiting my period to can start with ivf treatment, i hope that my end will be so happy as yours, many thanks for share with us your experience, with love
Happy Birthday Beautiful babies....WOW I love how each picture told a story & looks professional.... The boys look like twins, hard to for me to tell them apart. Lily have her own characteristics.. MOM you look Amazing for having 3 babies!!! Are you planning to have more kids??? (New series thejetdrvr· plus 6 lmao) God bless & Take care :)
Thank you very much for this......helped me to realise how special our babies are; we don't know how long they're lent to us for.....you are both so strong in each other; keep it up; the pain will never go, but it will lessen....May God hold the triplets in the palms of His hands....and may they rejoice with all the angels and saints.
They are wonderful and trully blessing babies. I love conner, lily and jack. I wish I could bond with you. And I want to play with you so much. If I would given a chance I want to be your baby sitter, cause I've finished my vocational course as a care giver. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THREEPLITS.... mwah. =D
Sorry to ask question that you might have already answered but here goes: you implanted 2embryoes and got three babies. So that means one of the embroyes split into twins. Do you know which two babies are the twins and if the twins are the boys are they identical?
So I saw all 6 videos and I loved them!!! But in this last one I couldn't control the tears!! Lol u must be so proud!!!! With all my respect, congratulations!!!! To yourself and your wife of course!!!! You guys have such ADORABLE kids!!!! :")
Your videos have to be one of the most inspirational videos I have seen! Your family is so beautiful & blessed,Your great role models for perfect parenting.....May God keep blessing you and your beautiful family....we love your dog too!!!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday Conner , Lily , and Jack!! You guys are so adorable... I wish you guys many many more and Enjoy the kiddie days while you can... Please post 3rd birthday video or pics of these adorable kids Mom and Dad...!!!
aww.. ur babies are the cuttest thing ive ever seen =3= I hope they can grow up with health and happiness =) btw i really like the background music of this video , can u tell me the name of the song ?? =D
I love the video! And the one where she's pregnant, I can tell you guys are wonderful parents and I hope to be one when I'm older (I'm 14) but congratulations your kids are adorable!
your boys are soooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!! and your girl is such a doll! I didn't know that with triplets, two can look identical! ah, these children are lucky to have eachother!
It's ALMOST their 3rd birthday I believe! We want three year old pics!! Adorable kids you got there....I'm an identical twin myself.....we were just happy accidents though. :)
You have beautiful children. My Best friend gave birth to twin boys (21 months) and watching them grow up brings joy to my heart.(my oldest is 12 and youngest is 11)
lol, you have a beautiful family. thank you for sharing all the memories of your wonderful wife and babies. That woman is amazing! God has blessed you.
You can easily see videos of them today. Just visit my channel page and you can see over 200 videos of them. I have so many cameras I've lost count.
Omg! I watched the videos of their birth. Love it! Kids are adorable! Would love to hear them speak, hoping you post some videos of them growing up.
Awww lily and I both have blonde hair and blue eyes!!! She is so cute as are the boys! Your very lucky to have such beautiful, healthy children!!!!
been a while since i sat an watch sumting i njoyed watchin ur videos frm day 1 children really are a joy,i pray god blesses ur family continually!
Que hermosos bebes!!! Que Dios les Bendiga siempre, y a los papis tambien. Gracias por compartir esos momentos de felicidad con nosotros.
Those children are living miracles.Especially Lily.She was the smallest and now,she's just as big(or bigger) than her brothers.
This vid made me smile like a fool :D ur kids are beautiful :* all 3 are gonna be heart throbs when they grow up
it seems to me that the boys are the twins...but thats just what i think from watching all the videos
I really love this video and yes they have came along ways... I wish u and your family a good life.
Bless your beautiful family, such a gorgeous video & such happy children your beyond blessed xxx

Reborn toddler Madison's Ootd

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Hello, Can you tell me what type doll Maddie is.
+My Reborn Crew Ok thanks.
Hello! Maddy is a Ashton drake doll. Make sure to go see the box opening.

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