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Destiny Centipede Error | Not Working on University Connections

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fucking bungie, i just wasted my fucking money
That name and default picture is amazing.
There is still a problem today... I have a 18GB Ps3 and Destiny says "need more data" so i plugged in a 260GB External hard drive and yes i formated it... But it still says the same thing, help please?
It happened to me too on Christmas when I got it:(
The fact that I don't live in a dorm or apartment I live at home and I'm getting centipede
first two month ok then an update now 1 month 20min game time.
Not just USA University, in my country "Hong Kong", (In the Galaxy of the Earth all area on the World!!) that's always so the Error code, "Centipede", "baboon" "nlk" and i do anything by my network, reset rounter, reset the network firework, NAS and MAC Address and change the IP Address, but not any work form this keep to reject me to connect the Bungie "Destiny" Server, i don't seen any game like that to reject people and ban IP to play in my Life, seriously~!! Day 1 to Now 26/9/2014, bungie not yet to fix this connection problem, so why can i do for this!? Give up the game or waiting "Bungie" fix the problem?? i don't think so that they have really fix it!?
+Dante Sparda You get offended easily.
i think you are seriously wrong on your brain, Hong Kong is a international city, we have the 1000MB network just like Japan, don't been foolish to see the surface thing, Hong Kong not like China, do you understand~!!
I'm curious, since you're in China how is it connecting to online services? I know things can be blocked easily there and some of that could be going on between your university and country.
I'm not at any university I'm on a home connection, got my own router and all and still get centipede! Go on the forums at bungie.net and you will see that everybody has this issue not just students
Yeah, I'm getting this too. Is there any fix?

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2008 Ridgeview High School Field Show: "The Mask of Zorro" WBA semi-finals

Ridgeview Wolf Pack Vanguard's 2008 Field Show, "The Mask of Zorro", performed at the 2008 WBA Class AAA semi-finals in Hayward, CA Nov. 22, 2008.

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Pretty well done. ^_^ We did this last year (2009-2010) for our marching band show, and it was hard! I've noticed that while we are playing the same songs, we have different movements and sets. In the opening song and the finale, we formed "Z"s. Ah, I should've uploaded a video of us doing it. XD But people loved it, especially since The Mask of Zorro's theme colors are orange and black, which is what our team colors and uniforms are.
way to completely change the 2nd and 3rd mvmts....it wasnt bad i just like the original better and that is what we're doing this year.....there were too many measures taken out for the percussion and to me it just ruined the show.
thanks very much!!! im from this high school, and your comment just made my day! haha. we worked really hard, and your comment shows how much our hard work has paid off. thanks again
pit is playing piccolo part too in my band....oh.my.god. its hell. i cant get the optional pit feature down. its way too fast and its my 1st year playing the xylophone ever....fml
I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS YEARS SHOW!!!!!! you just gotta love our d-line!!!! there the hardest workers of the band. you GOTTA respect their work.
I was Tuba two during this show, and by this time I was absolutely sick of it. And I never memorized the major run on the third piece.
Haha awesome; Cal High in San Ramon, CA did this show for 08-09 too, though there are different effects.
We're gonna do this field show for the '09-'10 year 'cept we're 6A haha. You guys did real good.
@pgmosier2013 : My favorite of the seven RHS shows I've seen. Hope yours comes out great, too!
yayy! we're doing this for 2010-2011 marching season, i can't wait!!
I'm in the drumline and that means alot to us. Thank you.
i'm sad i came to this school the year after this...
really good. but the band is really small
@pgmosier2013 Hi paige. I'm in your band
badass drumline!!! especially snares!
not bad at all. :P

DESTINY ps4 error message

Sorry, no capture device:( The "solution" to error code ce-32920-6 for destiny vanguard dlc on ps4. Get those fireteams ready, get locked and loaded, and ...

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PLEASE HELP! Everytime i start it up it says "Use of user-generated media is not allowed on your account" What does it mean what should i do? Please please help
+Brad Bee I found out what the problem is just go to Bungie website
Same thing is happening to me bro. I'm also getting the centipede error when I play Destiny. I need HELP!
Great video i have the same message on my ps4 never thought about that dude really help and plus i got two more adds on the destiny game to download.. yours have it on 2? Is the destiny expansion pass and the destiny collector's edition digital content pack for free ..u should have it if u purchase the $89.99 game .......:)))
Yeah have those too:)
LOL thx dude, going to sub becouse im so happy that its not my network :D
Haha thanx :)
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