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Vanguard university transfer Videos

[SSCW] Merlin does Vanguard incursions (With a fleet)

Seeing as the Caldari Navy Hookbill was such a magnificent success, we wondered if the basic variant of the ship would fair just as well, this video shows the ...

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The name of the song is Rain by Klaypex.
nice video! *from the bhaalgorn* lol ;)
What is the song name plz
Love it!
Me Gusta!

Jesus- Live Worship from the University of Mobile

From the project "Our God Is Faithful - Live Worship from UMobile" Downloads may be purchased on iTunes at //bit.ly/UMobileOGIF This worship project was ...

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Hannah (a.k.a Baby Spice) sure can sing for God

CPDP 2015: Cross border data flow. Where do we stand?

Organised by CPDP Chair: Christopher Kuner, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE) Moderator: Malavika Jayaram, Harvard University (US) Panel: Colin Bennett, ...

EVE Online: Running Vanguard Incursion Site In A Tengu

Me running a Incursion site in my Tengu It was pretty easy and fun and total that night i earned 900 mill! Please comment, rate, like and favorite! Song: Spor ...

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Why shoot the auga's? you were not contsting
Who let a nags pilot join O.o

Vasant Rai, fretless guitar: Alap in Raga Darbari Kanada, 1981

Until his death at the young age of 43 in 1985, Vasant Rai was one of the world's most acclaimed masters of Indian music. Born in Unjha, in the province of North ...

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What a great discovery !,,,and what a great musician he is with this fantastic,concise and elegant rendition of this Raga!.... And with it sounding perfectly balanced and justice done to the needs of the music,,,on a humble guitar..!....This is worth quite a few listens i think...!
Phenomenal artistry and command over the Raga which is so beautifully presented here. All lovers of Raga Darbari will just be amazed. His ability to make this come from a fretless guitar is his gift and learning form Baba Aladdin Khan. Thank you for sharing this.
one of the most overlooked musicians of that era. what talent he had! I have attempted ragas on a fretless guitar before and all I can say to this is wow!
I saw a fretless guitar in a London music shop in 1971. I wondered what on Earth you could do with it! Now I know! Beautifully played.
Can only assume that the 2 thumbs down were made in error !
love it. he was from the same village " Unjha", I am from.
woah it almost sounds better on a guitar!
tempo...relaxd enjoyd this thx!
Gr8! Tnx 4 sharing this Gem! 
One of the best in darbari
Absolutely beautiful.
cool sound. 
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