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Checking out Audible and Mastery by Robert Greene

Had some serious internet outage today... Serious stress for a Friday, but it's all good now, I hope :). I've heard about Audible many times in the past, however ...

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If you're into audio books, or just don't like reading as much as listening - check this out!
going now to check it out, I hate reading, thanks!!!
I really like Life of Pi on audible
The Great Gatsby on Audible! :D

Amazon echo Alexa audible Great combo

Audible audiobook read by Amazon Echo's Alexa.

My September Favourites! | Beauty & Lifestyle

Hi Friends! Thank you for watching :) Here are links to what I have mentioned in my video: Audible: //www.audible.com/ Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon ...

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new subscriber here! :D can you film your everyday make up routine?
+Sam Liu Thanks Sam! I most certainly will, stay tuned :) xo
Hi Zoey! You have a new subscriber, you style is so cute! love your faves xx
Keep in touch xxx
+The London Fashion Girl Thank you! I love your Autumn Haul :) xo

From $0 To $57,000 Per Month From Kindle Publishing, CreateSpace Publishing & Audible Publishing

Join K Money Mastery: //www.kmoneymastery.com To learn more about Andreas Maverick Coaching program, go to: ...

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Hey Stefan - Great advice, as always. At the end of your video, you mention access to a free version of your life mastery toolkit, but I couldn't find it. Could you help me get there ?
+Terry Tosky Right here: //projectlifemastery.com/subscribe
Hey Stefan i got your program , i have a question acx is not available for Canadians so how does he offering audio book from bc ? Thanks !!
+Justcrazysam nevermind i dont have a us adress and or us account!
Can you guys coach me how to make $500-1000 a month?
+Nocholas You can reach out to Andreas or Stefan on their websites regarding their coaching programs.
Hello Stefan, Great video and big thanks to your brother for showing us what is possible with this business. I was part of your K Money Mastery 6-8 months back and i published over 100 books. I had few writers for me who wrote books for me for very cheap and i didn't realized that it will not be long term business. Secondly i diverted my attention to other businesses like Amazon FBA which needs lots of money and work. As a result i stopped working on Kindle business and i haven't published a single book since last 5 months. Now i looking back i realize that Kindle was the easiest business to do. Right now i can see i have only 12-15 books that are making me money consistently and other books died slowly because of bad reviews. But good thing is i am still making close to 700 Dollars a month. Can you please suggest me what should be my action plan for my Kindle Business? I already know how this business works but how can you and your brother help me to turn this business into $10,000/ Month business? I would love to be part of your team.
+Touchthesky Glad you enjoyed it! First, I would not aim to have 100+ books. That is pointless if they aren't making you as much money as possible. This is a common mistake publishers make. Instead, focus on doing fewer books, but quality and always improve the quality over time. This is what I've always aimed to teach. Build them up into reliable, long-term, sustainable and lasting books that will continue making you money over the long-term. Just publishing a bunch of low quality books might make you some money in the short-term, but will never last. Focus on building a long-term, sustainable business... that could be Kindle or Amazon FBA. Yes it requires work, that is good thing, as others won't be able to easily compete with you. If you're already making money but really want to scale up, then I'd look into coaching or revising your strategy for long-term success.
Hey Stefan. I've been looking over your videos and blog. Really good stuff. I have been interested in publishing Kindle books to promote my brand "Old Skool Fitness". As you can see here I have a decent following on youtube. Been studying up on ECommerce but Kindle publishing interests me much more. Before I invest in your program I would just like to know how competitive the bodybuilding, fitness, self help and motivation niches are in the Kindle space? ...and do most of your high earners focus on building a brand or publishing random books in different niches? Thanks Stefan!!
+Project Life Mastery Thanks for the feedback Stefan. Sounds good man. I'm working on a couple projects that should be completed this month so I will jump on your program first of March. I also just watched your goals recap for 2015. You're a beast man. Very inspiring. Looking forward to working with you on Kindle and hopefully on future endeavors. Thanks!
+Old Skool Fitness Hey great to hear from you! These niches are fairly competitive, as they're big money makers, however that should never discourage you if you're focused on putting in the work and building something that is lasting. If you already have a list and followers, it should be easy for you to promote your books to them and get reviews. Tim Ferriss is known for getting hundreds of reviews of his books fast, as he leverages his list and followers for that. For long-term success, you always want to build a brand. A brand is a unique competitive advantage that will always get you ahead long-term. If you're an expert (which you are it seems from your channel), I'd focus on writing some quality books that will benefit your audience and also attract new subscribers to you.
If someone wanted to make $1,000 a month starting off from Kindle: where should they start?
+ModernLifeDating Best place to start is with K Money Mastery: //www.kmoneymastery.com If you need more additional help after that, there are other courses and coaching available for you. But many have made $1000+/month with K Money Mastery.
Hey Stefan, I purchased your K Money Mastery course today. Tbh with you, this is the first online course I have ever purchased - I have always been sceptical of "make money online" type courses, but there is something very genuine about you that made change my mind. I somehow came across your channel a few weeks ago - I've watched most of your videos and I have been so impressed with everything you've said in them. I left my job in December for personal reasons and have been looking at making money online since. I've come up with a lot of ideas but most require a big investment (into the thousands). Money which I don't have right now. Hopefully your course will give me that stepping stone and potentially fund all the other ideas I have as well as giving me a passive and steady income. Will keep you posted of my progress. Have a great week!
how are you doing so far?
+Ash K stay inspired and good luck!

The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. 116 ft. Ashens [strong language] - March 24, 2016

This episode is sponsored by //www.audible.com/cynical - Click the link for your free 30 day trial. Audible paid us to promote their product. Audible features ...

A Book You NEED to Read as a Beachbody Coach

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