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Amazon canada telephone Videos

Amazon Fire Phone Review

We know we are late in reviewing this phone but that is just because we are in Canada and that we don't prioritize Smartphones. But this being an amazon ...

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one plus one has much better specs and more storage for like half the price of this amazon phone for monkeys...
+Justin Chan you are very much correct ! 
I am not feeling this phone, amazon kill it with the price and the UI.amazon should had made it 199.00,like the old kindle fire, then maybe folks would buy it.
+BIG1TOWER i agree. i think its the price that kills the phone. the phone isnt AMAZING but its not terrible at the same time. you can get anything you can get on a regular android on this phone 
Having no Google Play services really sucks.
+Gordaton thats what the amazon app store and goodereader app store are for 
It's ridiculous for the price. It has mid tier specs, full of gimmicks, glitchy, locked into Amazon's ecosystem and their rendition of an old version of Android , not able to access Google play, has a thoughtless glass build like a nexus 4,which cracks easily, only available on at & t only in America for an unlocked price of $450. That's why it has 2/5 Stars on Amazon. 
I wouldn't say that. The one at best buy I saw was cracked. The eco system is nice. Having Amazon prime is a godsend. The speakers were hit and miss for me. They didn't even rival HTC one m8. Beat my Nexus 5 though. The cameras are meant for the dynamic perspective, which is laggy from videos I've seen. I think the phone tried to wrap to many ideas into one package, and didn't take the time to work on the phone. The phone should rebrand itself without those features, and add the top specs and relaunch as a competitor to the moto x. Opinions are opinions, but I'd rather buy a more open and coherent phone.
+Shawn Osterhus it offers a lot of awesome features. has a great build quality. and an awesome eco-system also stereo speakers. and tons of camerasalso(if you know how to shop) you'd buy it on ebay /craigs for 190-250$ 

Amazon's First Smartphone -- The Fire Phone

Amazon has released it's first smartphone and it has cool things. Buy some awesomeness for yourself! //www.forhumanpeoples.com/collections/sourcefed ...

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Oneplus one. Done.
amazon is getting their feet in the waterso thats why there phone is suckyoneplus' ceo used to work for oppo so thats why its not so sucky
The infrared capabilities will allow you to stalk reina, because we all know you suck will :v Naw bro I'm playing....or am I? :v
:V This face...what does it mean?!
they should call it the "forest fire" because amazon is a forest 
Bruce Wayne-"And how did you catch the criminal, Alfred?"Alfred-"..we burned the forest down."
more smartphone competition, I WANT MY IPHONE CHEAPER!
That would be the day, when an iPhone actually drops into my price range.
If it doesn't use Android and/or have access to the android market store for apps then I'm not looking to buy it, I currently use an Iphone 5 but when I next buy a phone might switch to android but if I do switch it would have to be a phone with access to all the apps I use and a thousand I don't but could try if I'm bored. If the fire phone doesn't have that, it's not for me regardless of what features it has.
Keep in mind, it DOES use Android, just a modified version. Still, this phone sucks XD
it pains me that everyone has a smartphone and yet after reading this comment section, NO ONE KNOWS SHIT ABOUT THEM. if you're gonna buy some expensive shit, do some googling about the subject first you fucking twats. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. just don't. i could explain why but there isnt a point. trust me, i know shit about mobile tech, this phone is a waste of money. almost as much as iphones are (its actually worse than the iphone *gasp*). there is only 1 phone that is worth the money. only one. it isn't a samsung, sony, htc, apple, amazon, nokia phone.
@Zack Perez (sorry if I spelt your name wrong), I believe the OP was talking more about the best phone for the money. In which case, the Nexus 5 really is the clear winner. Stats wise, however, I'd say the S5 beats the HTC One for having more features and slightly better specs. I'd still take the One over the S5, if only because it looks pretty XD
+Tim Streker good riddance asshole.
+Calvin Pollard as well as the one plus one, oppo find 7, galaxy note 3.
+ZACH PEREZ the LG g3 s5 and Sony Xperia Z2 out spec the One. Not by far, but they do.
Funny cause the actual best one based on specs the HTC One...LOL. I don't have it since It came out after my upgrade was available so I'm not just saying oh MY SMART PHONES AMAZING. I have a Samsung s3. An to Ben Messer, there isn't a best phone out there. The processors and MPx don't matter lol. As long as people can go to google on it, use twitter, use facebook and take randoms selfies at a reasonable speed no one will care.
I too know a lot about the mobile tech space. I'm always remaining up to date because it's fascinating and a personal hobby. I can tell you that knocking other devices means you are not a mobile tech fan. Also, this phone isn't bad, but it's certainly not better than most devices at that pricepoint. Hell, the Nexus 5 is a better deal for 350.
+Ben Messer "Best" is an extremely subjective word.
+BlahBlahRainbowFish the BEST phone with the best price is the nexus 5. Anyone with "phone knowledge" will tell you that. But if you're the kinda guy who likes contracts then you could get tons of phones that are seriously cheap. The moto g is the best deal if you're looking for lower end phones. Its $180 dollars UNLOCKED so I can't imagine how cheap it is with a contract and its a decent phone.
...so which phone is worth the money? I have a Sony Xperia Miro on a £10 (maybe ~$16? idk) a month contract which is mainly why I bought it and it works for what I needed but the contract's ending this November and I was thinking Sony or Nokia but I haven't bothered looking into it properly yet.

Amazon Find: Plantronics Clarity JV-35 Amplified Big Button Corded Phone

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tripod for your phone and cameras


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