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К 2022 году все автомобили в США будут оснащаться автоматической системой торможения

К 2022 году все автомобили в США будут оснащаться автоматической системой торможения К 2022 году все автомобил...

Hoverboard Catches Fire at Washington State Shopping Mall

Video captures the popular hands-free scooter engulfed in flames at a mall near Seattle, and it's not the first time this has happened.

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New York Bans the Use of Hoverboards

If you've been to New York lately, you've likely seen one of those electric "hoverboards." However, riders of the popular piece of technology will now have to ...

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Are skateboard illegal in nyc
+RedHoodie Gaming hmmmm....prolly WILL be in the future. "We don't like how skateboards-look.....LETS BAN THEM!"
next thing you know it's illegal to walk down the street
+Zeinab Belal or carry the hoverboard in a bag walking down the street...the government, NYPD and laws here SUCK their dads dick!!
I'm expecting that to happen any day! Sign our petition! https://www.change.org/p/melissa-mark-viverito-make-riding-hoverboards-legal-in-nyc/c
Lol them bitches just mad because they busted their ass trying to ride one.
+Oogy Boogy plus a lot of these donut eating PIG-OINKS are just jealous, pedantic, pontificating, pretentious dickheads

Northwest Bus Sales - 1990 MCI 102-C3 47 Passenger Motor Coach for sale - C07765

More MCI's @ //www.nwbus.com Here's another great West Coast coach for sale that's in great running and driving condition. This bus is ready to go right ...

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Fuel mileage can vary - typical average mileage runs anywhere b/t 5 & 9 MPG.
Nice bus! What kind of mileage does something that big get when empty?
I love Buses.
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