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Walmart tucson mma Videos

Speaker-elect Gowan recalls first mixed martial arts match he watched

C.B. Dollaway Interview Part 2

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Pelea Chingona De Idalia Vs Fat Girl En Mesa Az.!

01.22.2013 Fuckers Be Likee Idalia Won Jaa...Suscribansee A Mi And Agregen En Facebook.com //www.facebook.com/obeyy.m.jasmiin :)

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Que buenos chingadasos le metió la gordita al final...jejeje
+Angel Garcia ni si quiera se ve jaja

Escape from L.A. (TheHoss vs. California)

We lost TheHossUSMC somewhere in Los Angeles, California If found, please point him towards Tucson, Arizona He answers to "TheHoss" or simply "Hoss" ...

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Phew! I started to panic. I had visions of him being imprisoned in Berkeley, forced to drink strange coffees, wear tie and dye, eat hummus, and read poetry allowed. And that my friend is a frightening image. One more thing. "Knock, knock! Pick ponies bitch!" may be poetry to us, but I don't think the residents and students Berkeley would agree.....
Hell be fine! this isnt new york!! we are allowed to have guns! but they did restrict our ability to carry, either way! but if your in LA that long youll learn its better to leave it at home! weird huh? imagine getting cut off all day by assholes who got the balls to mad dog from a car away! yeah what you do?
I really love your website and would hope you would do a video for us Californians on how ridiculous the California gun laws are. It is a shame to love guns like some of us do and be stuck in this anti gun state.
California is a stringent gun-control state. However, there must be a gazillion homeless guys running around California with a bag-of-guns. TheHossUSMC would stand out as he's a big-guy with a >big bag of guns.
start heading east Hoss, you'll go through the wonderful communities of South-Gate, Compton, Lynnwood and Watts.... I guarantee you'll get multiple opportunities to use ALL of those guns in your duffel-bag!
I was gonna ask if theres a reward for turning him in, but I don't think trying to capture a armed marine is the smartest thing to do. (LoL, not knowing a friends birthday or age is such a guy's thing)
Trapped behind enemy lines, must blend in with the locals. Get a Che Guevara shirt, some skittles and start arguing with yourself while walking around aimlessly. No one will notice, stay stealthy...
Are you sure he was born in the 1900's? I think that beard slows down aging significantly. He may LOOK like he's 25-30, but in reality he's probably more like 120-150 :) Like wolverine.
Oh, so the guy didn't drive? I was gunna say, just go on the I-10 East and it would take him into Phoenix and then it'd turn into some other, Arizon-y freeway to get to Tuscon haha.
In LA most of his stuff might be illegal. So jail might be a possibility. But this reminds me of the movie FALLING DOWN. All he needs is a white shirt black tie and combat boots
Hope L.A.P.D doesn't hard time him, if you were serious about the duffle bag full of guns. Feinstein and Pelosi would love to turn Hoss into a California media frenzy sideshow.
Nope, Hoss is in L.A. depending on where in L.A. he ended up He'll be wanting all the guns and ammo he can get his chubby little fingers on, He'll be as pro gun as you can be.
No thanks we aren't interested .. you see most guys can have friends without all the gay stuff.. but hey, if that is how you want to live your life, go nuts (literally)
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