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Davidson college immunology Videos

The Kavli price 2012: Neuroscience

I did these vignettes for The Kavli Price ceremony, held in Oslo on september 4th 2012. There are four vignettes. One for each price category and one logo ...

Dr.Sahar - Inflammation 4 - Chronic inflammation - Part 2

Subject : Pathology Tuesday - 1st, October 2013 Contents :- Chronic Inflammation -Granulomas.

Changing the course of AIDS: Dawn Averitt at TEDxCharlottesville 2013

Dawn Averitt is a change maker. As a strategic visionary, activist, founder of non-profit organizations, projects and initiatives, and as speaker and adventurer, ...

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So only god knows and he gives strength

Kelly Vanderlaske — Terry Center: New Era in Veterinary Medicine

The Terry Center: //cvm.ncsu.edu/terrycenter/index.html With a focus on patient care, client comfort, and staff efficiency, the 110000-square foot Randall B.

Dr Jeremy Pritchard, Biology: Changing the World Interview

Dr Jeremy Pritchard FSB, head of education at the School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham was interviewed for Biology: Changing the World talking ...


Immunofluorescence is a technique used for light microscopy with a fluorescence microscope and is used primarily on microbiological samples. This technique ...

Sarah Hosgood - Improving Kidney Transplantation by "Pre-conditioning" (full video)

Please visit //youtu.be/0Kz3EmOkCrY for video with slides Dr Sarah Hosgood, Research Associate at University of Leicester, talks about an exciting new ...

Mohd Yaseen Gada, Ph. D. Research Scholar, Dept. of Islamic Studies, AMU

Mohd Yaseen Gada, Ph. D. Research Scholar, Dept. of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, India Bediuzzaman Said Nursi on Muslim-Christian Relations: ...
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