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Davidson college photography Videos

Camper: Martin Parr on photography

Martin Parr has worked on numerous photographic projects. He has an international reputation for innovative imagery, a unique approach to social ...

Two Stories Change Photographer's Life

Photographer Rick Smolan doesn't just photograph people—he tells their story. Two particular stories swept Rick off his feet. Find out what surprised the man ...

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I moved to a new house once and checked the shed in the backyard to uncover a collection of books from the seventies-eighties including a big hardcover book called From Alice to Ocean which informs us of many things of the journey of the woman of the first story and also found other cool things like 44 Funk & Wagnalls 1976 edition encyclopedias which im now selling :)
yeah man...I've been working out hardcore ever since you told me you were crosstraining. I eat 4000 cal/day. Great, clean food. I also juice up vegetables and fruits like crazy. I feel great. I already gained 10 lbs. Probably 8 of it water and carbs, but I'm on the right track.
#influenceisCOMPASSION What an inspiration this guy is. Here he is talking about how all these amazing people influenced him and yet, he was such an incredible influence on them right back. Loved this
Fabulous stories. So few people ever make the opportunity to change the life of another human being for the better. He just made the descision not to walk away. Sometimes that is all it takes.
WHY DIDN'T HE MARRY ROBIN? Was I the only one thinking he was gonna go, "And then n months later, we were married." I guess maybe he was in a relationship...that was really beautiful though.
Great message & experiences. You're truly blessed through your journeys, and you've been a blessing to others along the way! Wonderful reflections! Thank you for sharing... ~DD~
Wow! These two stories really are though provoking, and bring out such strong emotion. Thank you for presenting Rick Smolan's stories here!
All of Rick Smolan's videos are amazing and inspiring. What an amazing person, what a life experience this guy has!
Glass, Plastic or Steel? Great video ...shows what anyone with an open mind can do with a camera and a pen!
There is a movie about the camel girl called 'Tracks' starring Mia Wasikowska. Have a look at it.
Maybe its in the genes. Since her dad/mom was a G.I, she may have inherited the way they thought'
Thankyou I'm 50 and life is passing me by . That was a fantastic 2 story's . Thank you .
Theres a longer version of the Natasha story of TED. Its definitely worth the watch.
Amazing story. Too bad as a developer this is as far as I get to travel.
This kind of story is why I subscribed to this channel. Thank you.
That's pretty awesome. I want to be a photographer like that.
maybe the one who gives the unlike can not speak english

Why Wacom For Photography?

Why a Wacom Pen for Photography and Digital Imaging? Software like Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Lightroom® recognize when you're using a Wacom ...

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Once you have had a Cintiq they will have to pry it from your cold dead hands to get it from you! Ive only got a Cintiq Companion Hybrid not the big display but using it is like crack cocaine - you just can't give it up! Love it
"You already spent three grand on the rig to take the picture, why not spend three more?"
Love editing photos with my Wacom Cintiq!

Anna Mia Davidson on the Modernization of Agriculture

Photographer Anna Mia Davidson discusses her photography work in Cuba. Interested? See more at thephotospace.org/live.
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