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Chicago shooting training Videos

Derrick Rose practices shooting pregame 5.13.13

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose takes some shooting practice before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Miami Heat on May 13, ...

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Can't wait to see him hitting those one dribble pull up jumpers coming off a screen in a game!
HAAAAA! Somebody didn't want any of Lebron.....
That was nice. One hand Free throws :)

Derrick Rose shooting free throws during day 2 of Bulls training camp

Derrick Rose is months away from making a return to the lineup for the Chicago Bulls but is improving daily and said he's looking to begin cutting in two weeks ...

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He made 6 outa 7 I say a few more weeks even months til he returns :) but hoping he doesn't rush it. As much as I want him to come back, I want him to be 100% before he does.
@xrose petals: Just practice. More importance on the repetition of his form than anything in-game routine.
Sort of right. I did say "months away from returning."
He doesn't do his little freethrow ritual anymore?
"you d rose with the free throws"
oh how wrong you were
Why no comments

Tensions High in Chicago After Double Fatal Police Shooting

Tensions High in Chicago After Double Fatal Police Shooting Tensions High in Chicago After Double Fatal Police Shooting Tensions High in Chicago After ...

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you know I'm just going to have to call bullshit on this its the same shit every time he was a big baby a big teddy bear but yet you called the cops on your own kid because he has mental issues and was trying to bust your door in with A fucking baseball bat. so obviously if you were scared of him it is reasonable to assume the police probably were too as for the woman that was shot that is a horrific accident and my thoughts go out to her family if you rush the police with a baseball bat however you're probably going to get shot. now this woman is going on and on about how her son didn't have any mental issues except unfortunately on the 911 call he says he does so what's the real story either way this is an unfortunate event for all parties involved however the the police obviously do not want to go out and execute people... If they did there are a lot of ways to do it that would be a lot easier than this situation. Cops have families too at the end of the day if I was a police officer and being a person who has a legal permit to carry a gun if you rush me with a fucking baseball bat I am going home at the end of the night. most not all of these individuals shot recently have put themselves in a situation that unfortunately can have deadly consequences especially when dealing with police or A legally armed individual. as parents if you cannot control your own son and you are scared of him how can you reasonably say that the police should have talked to him or whatever it didn't work for you why would it work for them

Shooting in Chicago Aftermath - 1 Dead, 2 Wounded

FREDDIE'S MODERN KUNG FU //www.freddiesmodernkungfu.com FMK TRAINING ELEMENTS Teaser #1: //youtu.be/WtI3SPiT9Sk Teaser #2: ...

Shooting Guard Drills (ft. Nick Sherod) | Off-Season Training Coach - Godwin Ep: 132

//www.JumpStartHoops.com Coach Koran Godwin takes 2016 SG Nick Sherod through a off-season training workout.

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Tell Nick Sherod to go to George Mason university
Or tell Nick Sherod to go to VMI.
what was tat beat?

Basketball Shooting Drills That Kobe Bryant Uses In His Training

Basketball Shooting Drills That Kobe Bryant Uses In His Training: //BallerBootCamp.com/sww -- Grab a Free Shooting Workout ...

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Great Video!!
+Rain Maker Thanks.
Love your videos hope for you to be successful, I have two questions #1. I am the true definition of skinny fat and i was thinking of gaining fat to lose the weight again is it a good idea? if not can you give me a idea. #2. I am a good shooter but when some one plays super tight defense if can't shoot any Drills? +Baller Boot Camp 
Develop ball handling and penetration. It will back off defender and respect your driving skills. That way a space for you to shoot is opened.
hey i got grand finals coming up and im 10 you got any tips?
Dribble ur way past the defenders :)
i commented just becoz u love it :)
Thank you for this videos. I've watched several of them and they've been helpful in my game.
Thanks. That is good george
this aint easy to do man i need to watch this video couple a time to finally understand how to do 
thank you now because of this Iam in the nba
+Mark robinson LOL I wish it was that easy.
Will do in training...great move as always to catch defenders off guard. Thanks!
Thanks bro
Where are the gyms that u go to at?

Israeli Combat Point Shooting Training - A student's prespective

Israeli Combat Point Shooting with Int'l Firearms lead Instructor Albert Timen. The Israeli tactical shooting method is based on actual and practical performance.

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@shootcentermass I. Not everyone is an Airforce fighter when the shit hits the fan my man. II. the comparrison in engagements is like apples and oranges III watch more dashboard videos of gun fights....observe the high % of them that have fine motor skills III watch more personal defensive altercations where people who aren't pilot's are afraid for their lives.
@John234pwns - Never did teach carrying a pistol condition three unless you have a logical reason to do so. Not every person that teaches or claims to know the “Israeli Method” is a qualified Instructor in this field, so there is a lot of misunderstanding of what it really is.
Ballistic radio clown john Johnson says point shooting is useless and has challenged anyone to prove him wrong . he's put up $10,000 to the winner !
Any good class will make a shooter better ... but lots of range time is what really makes it second nature to get on target.
How many rounds will I have to shoot before I become a good pistol marksman?
So you guys no longer teach carrying a pistol condition three?
@shootcentermass LOL
NorCal, baby...

CPD Academy firearms training (Recruits.)

Wake Up Now -shooting in chicago 2014

Wake Up Now -shooting in chicago 2014 Are You READY ▻▻: www.retirewithisaac.org The 5 min Video▻▻: https://www.teamfounderslegacy.com Want to ...

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I dont understand the point of this video but it looks awesome.I love my home city keep up the good work buddy.
+Isaac Parada awe god bless you for having a good heart.I dont care what anyone says Chi-town will always have a special place in my heart.
I'm trying to bring Chicago up!!! its a project that i been work on too!
Thanks bro!
you snap on this video!! keep it up!!!!
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