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Amtrak milwaukee to wausau Videos

RARE short Amtrak Lake Country Limited B32-8W and WC Freight train!

Grayslake Jct. is located south of Grayslake, IL, and is where Metra's ex-Milwaukee Rd. "J" Line to Fox Lake crossed the Wisconsin Central. In this early morning ...

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@AMTK24 Both trains were started with the same program of "expanding" Amtrak's service, although it was to promote more mail and freight business. The Kentucky Cardinal outlasted the Lake Country by two years.
Damn it! I totally missed seeing the Lake Country Limiteds back when I lived up there...
You have some great material here!

JG Moellendorf's Crandon Neva and Wausau passenger train.AVI

This is my dad's private roadname passenger train running on the Southern Wisconsin SandHouse Crew club layout. Many thanks to Bob Welke for inviting us.

SP 4449 Oak Creek, WI Aug. 2nd, 2009

The action starts about a minute in, be patient. A friend who was on the train tells me they were doing 70 at the time (and actually breaking the Amtrak speed limit ...

CP Rail Eastbound Freight


From 1938, here are two short 16mm film segments of the Milwaukee Road Hiawathas on the west side of Milwaukee. Original film footage by Tom Koeferl.

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Hmm I think Only 1 of these Hiawatha 4-4-2s Will Survive in 1995.
+Robert Martin They were all scrapped in the 1950s
Pretty good-sized train for that 4-4-2! Bet that was some-thing to see! I recall something about speed restriction signs on the Milwaukee that read "Reduce speed to 90" !! Not sure if it was this particular line or not tho.
+b3j8 Most likely was, these locomotives exceeded 100mph at times.

Union Pacific 6864 (GE AC4400CW) heading into Port Edwards Wisconsin

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I have caught this train several times
Very nice!
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