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Race cars and goth rock Videos

Racecars and Goth Rock- Butch Walker

Butch Walker at Center Stage on Saturday, July 26th performing Racecars and Goth Rock.

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Oh my gosh. i love this. he's so drunk!!!!! :p he acted so gay and funny! :D i luv ya butch!!!
"I MET YOU AT THE SHOW I WAS PLAYING" lol i love this song and butch thanks for posting

Butch Walker - Race Cars and Goth Rock

Butch Walker's life story in 3 minutes. His exaggerated Southern/Georgian accent is so cute. ^_^ (Butch Walker & TLGOT @ Irving Plaza NYC 4/3/07)

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Effing brilliant show. Thanks for the great clip... great sound and video quality! (I must have been right underneath you on the floor, because that's roughly the same angle I saw!)
haha...well you said you might see me with my camera at the nyc show...that's mee taking pics on the right!
he needs to talk less and play music more, stick with what you're good at butch
Ugh, I adore this man!

Butch Walker - Race Cars and Goth Rock - Kayne West Banter 4/28/15

Butch talks about making men out of us, taking a bath, hurting himself standing up, and life being hard on the body at 45 years old. Then he rips into Race Cars.

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Thanks for uploading these videos, good sir. Hilarious intro. "Letters" is my favorite album -- so glad he's performing my favorites -- and I totally love his latest album "Afraid of Ghosts". So raw and pure. But I feel like I'm missing everything in between! I last saw him when he was touring for "The Rise and Fall Of..." which is probably my least favorite record of his, yet I just realized hardly know "The Spade" and I don't know "I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart" at all!(!!!) Gotta brush up on my Butch Walker discography, going to see him tomorrow... ahhh. Excitement!
+Franco Sicilia Had to come back and say the show was AMAZING. My face definitely melted. And my heart, too! He blows my mind!
+anrina he's playing his dad's favorites. The set change a little night to night but I think he's digging deep. Im not a rise and fall fan either but I love I liked it better. It's very Letter's esque! I have it on Vinyl, cd and mp3 :) Enjoy the show.

Race Cars And Goth Rock - Butch Walker (cover)

Butch Walker - Race Cars And Goth Rock

Butch Walker & The Black Widows 2011 OMG WTF Tour! The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ. Oct. 2011.

Butch Walker ~ Mixtape & Race Cars and Goth Rock ~ Masonic Lodge, Hollywood Forever ~ 06/18/2015

Butch Walker performing "Mixtape" and "Race Cars and Goth Rock" at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever, in Hollywood, California on June 18, 2015.

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