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Forza Motorsport 6 Challenge Multi Class Relay Race

We compete in some relay races on forza 6, but with the teams having cars of different classes tactics are equally important. Don't forget to like and subscribe :) ...

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Why was he calling the Mercedes SLR a McLaren??
+CPT. Urkey oh okay thanks
because it is a mclaren, mercedes gave mclaren their version of the slr a basic model to upgrade, mclaren changed pretty much everything even the chassis is slightly different, when the car was released it was called the mclaren mercedes slr
Nice video! This should be a series :)
There we go that den finely so thing I whould pay to what he that would be my wekened
You should definitely do this more often, awesome nail-biter races! A thought for future races: Instead of judging the cars by class, maybe allow a total of, say, 2000 PI points, which the teams can distribute on their 4 cars *in whatever ratio they please*. That would add another layer of strategy: Do you go for 4 medium cars? 3 slightly slower ones and a race car? 2 very slow cars and 2 race cars? Of course, you are not allowed to peek at what your opponents chose beforehand :) Would that be something you considered? Because that would be something you can make into a whole new series - the "2000 PI Race Series". Let me know what you think :)
+Joe Milnes ohhhhh you mean you have 2000 PI points to "spend" on 4 cars!
Actually that doesn't make any sense because higher PI equals faster laps. So two fast high PI cars will be quicker than 4 slower low PI cars.Although I liked the sound of this idea before i thought about it!
+Jeremy J. And the prize for literally the best video idea ever seen under FailRace vids goes to...
I want to see this really badly now.
My Orange team Dino was pretty equal to the other C-class cars. :) But we just kinda sucked for some reason. xD
+raregliscor1 Bit of bad luck and me and Alex screwed up :)
I feel like your orange team used the oldest cars ever
it's the Failrace way

RccVideo's Thompson Raceway Park weekly car classes TRP

These are some of the guys that race cars in our weekly points program at Thompson Raceway Park.

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Hey Steve, I'm running E85 in my dragbike. Now you should know exactly who I am after all the talks we had about it.
who is this from the track my family has the 83 thunderbird named fatpockets

Targa Tasmania 2016 - Ellendale Targa Stage Unrestricted Car Classes (Short Version)

Short version with less engine sounds as the cars pass the camera. Subscribe for more racing action: ...

RACE Pro HD video game X360 features three GT Classes: GT Pro GT Sport GT Club.

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